Animal Farm Hitler's Rise To Power

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Abuse of Power From the beginning of time until now, civilization has always felt the need to be organized under a leader. The craving of power lives in most people. Sometimes men striving for power can work their way up to a dictatorship, absolute control, by using propaganda, fear, and many other methods. In the novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell, Napoleon portrays similar qualities in power as Hitler. Despite having a few minor differences, the similarities between Hitler and Napoleon’s rise to power, obnoxious laws, and cruel actions are remarkable. Gaining control is the first step to a dictatorship. Both, Hitler and Napoleon rise to power in almost identical ways. Hitler and Napoleon gain full power by using force and after the main person ruling at the time dies or …show more content…

By using force, Napoleon has fierce dogs to run off Snowball, leaving only himself in charge (Orwell 48). This is a major step in Napoleon’s rise to power and shows he will go to all extents to secure his position. The pigs change the laws to make Napoleon gain more access to power (Orwell 54). Squealer changes the commandments and the rules so Napoleon can interact with humans, live in Mr. Jones house, and drink alcohol. This creates more separation on the farm, giving him soul leadership. Napoleon also makes the animals sing an anthem glorifying himself (Orwell 83). By forcing the animals to sing this anthem it is brainwashing them to think Napoleon is a great leader and that he is helping make their lives the best they have ever been. To rise to power, not only do you need people to believe what you say, but also like your ideas. Like Napoleon, Hitler made people like him by using many different types of propaganda (“Adolf” 4). He tried to influence the Germans with this propaganda as much as he could when he joined the DAP. Hitler rose quickly through the ranks and was soon the leading spokesperson. This was his first

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