Who Was Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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Whose to Blame? Who shall be blamed for the deaths of two young teenagers who fall in love, get married and eventually kill themselves. Many events and poor choices lead up to this tragedy. People in Verona, where the incident happened, contributed to the deaths, some more than others. The person who I believe should be held most responsible is Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father.. Why would a father want to kill his own daughter? He doesn’t. He never intended to. However, his actions were what set in motion many events to lead to the deaths of his daughter and her lover. For example, in ActⅠ Scene 5, Tybalt wants to make Romeo leave, but Capulet tells Tybalt to “Let him alone”. He is not kicking out his enemy’s son. If he would have, Romeo wouldn’t have met Juliet and she would have married Paris, one of Capulet’s potential son-in-laws, much easier. Capulet could've prevented his daughter from meeting Romeo but he didn’t and she falls for him. …show more content…

Even though he never knew about Romeo and Juliet’s marriage, he still tried to force his daughter to marry someone she didn’t love. In Act III, Scene 5, Page 5, Lord Capulet tells his daughter “But fettle your fine joints 'gainst Thursday next, to go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, or I will drag thee on a hurdle thither.” He threatens to use any means necessary to marry his daughter off to Paris. She obviously refuses and he gets mad and curses her. This leads Juliet to become suicidal. She would kill herself so she won’t marry Paris. What kind of father makes his daughter want to kill

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