Why Did Jay Kill Hae Min Lee

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Personally, I believe that Jay murdered Hae Min Lee because he consistently changed his story while talking to detectives. Jay was also said to be a very strange kid, a drug dealer, and overall a troubled youth. Lastly he was content to put the murder on his good friend, Adnan. A common opinion is that Jay seemed suspicious for many reasons throughout the entire trial. Jay was questionable in many people’s opinions. He was considered the weird kid at school by some. And he seemed to have a troubled life, basically going down a bad path in life. After studying the trial I believe Jay murder Hae due to his inconsistencies, “gangster” lifestyle, and lack of loyalty towards one of his best friends. Jay consistently warps his stories when being interrogated by detectives, I’m talking about significant details he normally wouldn’t forget. For example, when Jay was asked where he was shown Haes dead body, he says at the strip off Edmondson Ave. During later questioning he says that he was first shown Hae’s body in the parking lot of Best Buy. This is a huge red flag. No …show more content…

Although they were apparently very good friends, Jay confessed instead of total denial. Once Jay told the detectives what they wanted to hear, he said he was scared of Adnan, he received overseas threats from Adnan’s family, and even his girlfriend Stephanie was threatened. Firstly believe Jay could’ve gave total denial of Adnan’s alleged actions against Hae. Secondly all the dirt he put on Adnan is most likely fake leverage that Jay thought of to sway the opinions of the detectives. I guarantee that his plan was to make himself look like a partial victim, pressured into silence. He was just trying to manipulate the detectives but all his inconsistencies clearly proves he’s a liar. Ultimately, I believe Jay tried his best to throw off the detectives while making himself look like he was victimized. The only thing Jay was scared of was being

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