Why Did The Vietnam War Happened Between 1954-1975

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The Vietnam war happened between 1954-1975. The war started because the U.S. was worried that communism would spread to southern vietnam.(http://www.history.com/topics/vietnam-war).So in order to prevent that, the U.S. went to war with Vietnam. The Vietnam war had affected America economically because factories that should have been producing goods were now producing military products.The government's spending was also causing problems for the American Economy.
The war was pitted against the communism regime of north Vietnam and its southern allies. The war began in 1954, even though the conflict went as far back as the mid 1940’s. By 1969, 500,000 U.S military personnel were involved in the war. Which was one of the largest military troops …show more content…

Kennedy sent 400 Green Berets to south Vietnam to train south vietnamese soldiers. In 1962 president Kennedy signed the Foreign Assistance Act of 1962 which provides “... assistance to countries on the brim of communism and are under attack.” . In May of 1963 buddhist riot when they are not allowed to display their religious flags on Buddha’s birthday. June - August Buddhist were setting themselves on fire and burning to death to protest. In October of 1964, China, North Vietnam’s neighbor and ally successfully tested the Atomic Bomb. In August of 1964 North Vietnamese ships allegedly shot torpedos at the U.S.S Maddox. General Nguyen seizes power in Saigon. On August 7 1964 the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution is approved by congress. The Viet Cong attack the Bienhoa Air Base.
In 1965 Operation Rolling Thunder Is deployed. The first american combat troops arrive in Danang. The first Conventional battle of the Vietnam war takes place as American forces clash with the North Vietnamese units in the Ia Drang Valley. The U.S troop count had reached above 200,000.( …show more content…

And Martin Luther King . spoke out about the war. The Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara said that bombing was ineffective. University of Wisconsin students demand that corporate recruiters for Dow Chemical. In January of 1968 the North Vietnamese launch the Tet Offensive. The battle of Hue lasted for 26 days as the US and the South Vietnamese battled the Tet Offensive. Westmoreland had requested 206,000 more troops. On March 16 the angry and frustrated men of 11th brigade entered the village of My Lai on a search and destroy mission.
In May of 1968 the United States and North Vietnamese pick a date to start talking about peace treaties. In November Richard Nixon is elected president of the United States of America. In 1969 president Nixon starts secretly bombing of Cambodia. News of the My Lai massacre reaches the U.S. A massive demonstration of Anti-war in D.C.
In 1972 president Nixon cuts the U.S troops to 70k. The U.S public finally learns about the secret peace talks. Unites States B-52’s bomb Hanoi and Haiphong. Henry Kissinger says “ peace is at hand”. In November of 1972 Nixon wins

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