Why Do People Say No To Organ Donation

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When you are asked if you want to be an organ donor, why say no? People die everyday because of the lack of people becoming organ donors. Everyone should be an organ donor if they qualify. Organ donation is the process of removing organs from a donor to a recipient who needs it to live. Many people around the world are waiting on a list while they are suffering, and could be for years to follow because there aren’t enough donors for the number of recipients. Right now there are 115,429 people waiting for organs. We could be saving more lives then we are today by simply requiring organ donation. Although there are valid reasons people say no to it, but there are many more reasons to be a donor.
Many people say no to organ donation because of the myths they hear. One common myth is that if you are an organ donor, the hospital staff won’t work as hard to save you when you’re sick. This is not true as this quote states, “When you go to the hospital for treatment, …show more content…

Occasionally the donor 's family will misinterpret the hospital bill they recieve. The expenses on the bill are always from the procedures the staff carryout while trying to save the person’s life, not the extraction of the organs. Before you say no to organ donation, make sure the reasons you don’t want to become a donor are valid.
There are many organs you can donate after you are deceased to save other peoples lives. Organs that are donated after the recipient is dead are called cadaveric organs. Some people have to receive very complicated and risky transplantations such as a heart-lung transplant. Heart-lung transplants are needed because, “Lungs can also become damaged as a result of heart failure…”(Finn 68). Just one person’s donated organs can make a difference in multiple others, and even save their

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