Why Eisenhower?: Dwight D. Eisenhower For Multiple Reasons

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Why Eisenhower? I chose Dwight Eisenhower for multiple reasons. One of the main ones being that I had to do a report on him last year and discovered he was a very interesting person. Also, for reasons unknown, he was always found interesting by me. Although I had to complete a small report on Mr. Eisenhower, there were still many unanswered many questions. These were such as what was his early life like, did he have siblings, if so, how was he treated by him, and things such as that. So, in a way, this essay may put some of those questions to rest. So, what about Eisenhower? (a.k.a Part 1) Of course, nearly every American and many foreigners have heard the name Dwight D. Eisenhower before. Now, they may not have heard him by this name,
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