Why Is Baseball Important To Me Essay

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Confidence and friendship are very important to a lot of people. Confidence is needed to excel in sports. In baseball, when someone is up to bat you usually hear their coach saying something about confidence and that they can hit the ball. My life revolves around sports, so confidence is very important to me. If I do not have confidence I am not going to get any better, or be any good at all. I am always trying to improve my confidence and skills by going to camps. In 2012, I went to a baseball camp at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with Cole Nisbit. That camp changed my life forever because it gave me confidence and I became best friends with Cole.
First of all, I hate going to camps alone. Cole, who also loves baseball, decided to go with me. After the camp our families started hanging out a lot and became really good friends. Cole is my best friend. We do everything together. But before the camp we barely hung out at all. We have so much in common; we love playing baseball, watching baseball, talking about baseball, and everything there is about baseball. Baseball is not the only sport we love; we love playing all sports. We like the same kind of music, and we love playing jokes on people. Cole and I hang out all the time, for example over the summer we counted 44 days in a row that we hung out for more than an hour. Since we hangout so much our families also hang out together. We go on vacations together and we go camping a ton together. Our families go to Jellystone Park in …show more content…

My life basically is baseball now. At the camp Cole and I got asked to play baseball for the Cotter Ramblers that following spring. We played with Cotter in the spring of seventh and eighth grade. We made many new friends and made a lot of great memories. I think what affected me the most was the experience. Cotter gave me a lot of confidence and made me learn to work with new people. The coaches did not know anything about me and I

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