Personal Narrative: A Career As A Baseball Player

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Have you ever enjoyed a sport so much you do it every day? I am a baseball player who has played for eleven years of my life. I have been playing baseball for so long, that now it is an everyday sport. Many decent teams have given me opportunities to play for them. As a result, I have had many different coaches. Over the past several years, many people have shaped my career and have made me a better player. There are many different years of baseball. When you first begin playing at the age of four, you are considered to be in tee ball. When you play tee ball, you are beginning to learn the fundamentals of baseball. Then later around six to ten years old, you get to coach pitch. During coach pitch, you later experience how to hit the …show more content…

I have switched to many different leagues including all-stars and recreational. When I started baseball, I was in recreational leagues, later I ended up with a travel and an all- star team. These changes later ended up enabling me to play in many state tournaments, including the “Cal-Ripken Experience” tournament. Since I was at these tournaments, teams started to notice me, and I started to try out for more national teams, included the “Ohio Bombers,” which has won many championships around the world. Each one of these changes throughout my career has made not only a better player, but it taught me more about the sport Throughout my life, baseball has been my favorite sport to play. I enjoy playing the positions I play, and the sport itself. My favorite part of baseball is playing on defense. Defense is a fun time for me because it gets challenging. I like to play aggressively, attacking the ball and playing my best. When you play the best, you help your team out, and you can do things you never thought you could do. Home runs were one thing I did not think I could do with many other things I thought I could not do. Since I’ve created many memories and have done things I thought I could not do, baseball is my favorite

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