Personal Narrative: The Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers is a baseball team in California and in this essay you are going to learn more about a team you like or don't .

So the Dodgers are my favorite baseball team I have liked them since I was small and my dad and tios taught me how to play it.The Dodgers have won six championships since the team has been invented.It was always interesting for me I played it a lot. I fell in love with the sport. Too bad its only for guys.My family tells me that I should do softball and I guess I will try it but it just wont be the same for me because I love baseball. The day I get to go to a Dodger game I will be super happy!!! that's one big wish for me. They are a really good team. I have a lot of things in my room that are Dodgers. Every time a teacher tells me at the beginning of the year to write down a poster of what I like and enjoy the Dodgers are on my poster of course.Even for projects they would ask to make a poster of your favorite theme or something like that I would make the Dodgers logo.The logo is just a L and an A. the colors …show more content…

Like honestly who would pay over $300 to sit front row. I mean I would do anything for free baseball tickets in California.Even to sport off some of the tams clothes is really expensive. If you go on the mlb shop online and search jersey it will be over $100.The players payroll is over $300 million. The managers or whoever pay for the equipment payed in the past four seasons $1 billion dollars.I mean I see why because they have to pay for cleaning the outfits,getting them their bats, their shoes, etc. Money is an "object" for the teams. Mostly all players have a $114 million salary.

So in conclusion those were my statements about my favorite baseball team.

Extra- Baseball was invented in 1839 by Abner Doubleday. It was invented in Cooperstown, New York during the

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