Climate Change Hoax

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Joud El Dweiri Ms.Maleha 11B English May 11, 2017 Climate change; a hoax or the dreadful truth? Climate change is a shift in global weather patterns including temperature, precipitation, humidity, and wind. Climate patterns play an important role in forming natural ecosystems and human economies. This subject has been a topic of discussion for many years, but not for the reason one might think. The argument is not about how to help the Earth or what we are doing wrong, but about if climate change even exists. There have been changes to species behaviour’s, our air quality is worsening, and our water supply is decreasing. Scientists are stating that this is happening due to climate change, however many sources declare that there is not enough …show more content…

The water cycle’s process depends on the weather and since it is constantly changing dramatically there is a risk of radical droughts and drastic rain. When water evaporates from the land and sea, it usually enters back into Earth as rain or snow however, due to temperatures increasing there is additional evaporation occurring which means we are receiving less water from the atmosphere. Droughts can not only cause drinking water to be scarce but it can also kill crops and farm animals as well as turn fertile land to desert (Woodward, 2008). In addition, rising temperatures has allowed air to store more water vapor which can lead to intense rain storms. An excess amount of water can create the risk of flooding and unfortunately, most of the water ends up drifting into rivers and streams doing little to dampen soil (“”). Climate change has also taken an extreme toll on glaciers and ice caps which hold up to sixty eight percent of Earth’s fresh water (“”). Since the 1900’s glaciers and ice caps have been melting but recently scientists have discovered that they have been …show more content…

A small rodent; the Bramble Cay melomys, that lived only on a single island off Australia has recently become extinct and it is strongly believed the vanishing is due to climate change. The part of the island that these rodents resided on was on a high tide but it has shrunk from 9.8 acres to 6.2 acres, taking away the island’s vegetation and ninety seven percent of the rodent’s habitat. This is now the first mammal species to be extinct on account of climate change (Howard, “First mammal species goes extinct due to climate change”). The Golden toad is another creature that has been extinct due to climate change. The Golden toad lived on mountaintop cloud forests that have disappeared due to drought. The changing behaviours of birds can also exemplify climate change. A study by Dr. Terry Root shows that birds are arriving to their nesting grounds three weeks earlier and they have been changing their range to closer regions and some birds stopped migrating as weather is suitable all year round. (Cherry and Brassch, 2008). Animals and reptiles are not the only types of species being affected by this sudden increase in temperature, plants are also being overwhelmingly impacted. An extreme increase in heat will decrease water availability which will change soil conditions, this can make it harder for plants to grow and thrive. Declining plant development would demolish

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