Is Facebook Making Us Lonely Essay

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Sociology 1a 19 February 2015 Research Paper The article “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” by Stephen Marche discusses how Facebook and other social medias are making people lonelier. It isolates people from the real world and instead of interacting face-to-face, it is online. People are abusing these social medias that are made to connect to one another and using them to fill in the emptiness and loneliness that they feel inside. They are using these social medias as an escape from the real world. It affects them in the long run as well like causing health problems. The article then states the number of physiologists and therapists is rising because more people are becoming lonely. The article relates to the topic because the topic is about Facebook making us lonely. The article then starts to describe how social media makes us lonely basically the same thing. They both cause good and bad effects towards our society. I …show more content…

Social media has become bigger than before it affects people’s everyday lives. People are becoming less social with each other and if this keeps up then there would be no comfort in a community. Everywhere I go there is always someone on their phone and I am pretty sure 90% of them are using their social media. I do this as well, I forgot how it feels like not having a phone with me all the time I check my phone every minute. Which is not good because when I am waiting in a long line instead of making conversation with someone I just check my phone. What if I did not have my phone with me and made conversation with a stranger who will then be my future wife? Yes I am being a little dramatic, but my point is we have a million opportunities to meet different people everyday, but we would rather be stuck on social

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