Why Is Immigration Important To Canada?

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“Immigration is not just compatible with but is a necessary component to economical growth”. Immigration happens all over the world, but why are people so desperate to leave their home countries? What do they expect from the countries that they are going to? Likewise, what do they have to contribute to these countries? In Canada, approximately twenty percent of the 2011 population is foreign-born. That is one in every five citizens. With such a large number of citizens being foreign-born and so many more trying to come in, Canada must ensure that the immigration policy is adequate to ensure that no individual that is a possible danger is being let into Canada. Stephen Harper has stated that the government has been “systematically re-orienting immigration over the last several years to make it more focused on economic needs and long term labor market needs”. …show more content…

The government set out several major changes that are predicted to be made during 2015; this includes changes to refugee healthcare funding after cuts had been made. These influential alterations to the immigration laws in Canada are creating a safer country and overall a more appealing place to immigrants wanting to migrate. The negative elements of immigration become offset by the countless amounts of positive factors. Many immigration stories told by individuals who had a hard time getting into Canada influence the government to improve laws and requirements. Immigration laws are extremely beneficial for Canada and its citizens because they ensure danger is kept out and helps Canada into a positive direction. Immigration is helping Canada evolve and change for

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