Why John C. Calhoun And James F. Byrnes: A Very Good Politian

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John c. Calhoun and James F. Byrnes were both very good Politian. Each had a different opinion. But held a good place in government. Each had numerous careers through out. Most of all, the greatest thing in common with both men is that they ate from south Carolina.
John C Calhoun was born on March 18th 1782 in Abbeville South Carolina. Patrick Calhoun and Martha Caldwell where his parents. Calhoun Early Childhood was spent on his father's Plantation. There wasn't much schooling available for him when he was a kid. But when he turned eighteen he into an academy founded by Moses waddle. After entering the academy he was accepted into Yale College (which is now known as Yale University). Then he attended Litchfield Law School. In 1808 he was …show more content…

Although students will remain segregated he wanted to make sure that they were equal as part of the separate but equal laws. "He levied 3% tax sales to fund the Improvement. This resulted in 700 schools designed for the integration of South Carolina's educational system." According to senate.gov. James was a big contributor towards the war effort. He and President Truman laid beginnings for Cold War. Because of all the help Byrnes gave President Roosevelt Truman put a lot of confidence in him. In conclusion James F Byrnes was an outstanding politician and help with a Many efforts.
Both men were extraordinary politicians. They each where from South Carolina. They also served in the United States Senate. They both served as Secretary of States. Denver's had their opinions on …show more content…

The only time he did step down is from vice president to senator.
Due to the time period about African Americans in their equality. In Calhoun’s case African Americans were still slaves they had no rights and they were considered property. Although in James F Byrnes perspective segregation was about. This meant that bathrooms schools restaurants and more were separated blacks and whites. Schools head laws stating that thing separate but equal is okay. But many weren’t this way African American schools often got the leftovers of the white schools. James F Byrnes put in place a law to protect this from happening he put the same books that were in white schools in black schools.
Each had a different opinion. But held a good place in government. Each had numerous careers through out. These men served as great role models in south Carolina. They served and protect for what they believed was right. They step down only to achieve greatness. They had achieved a great point in their lives before they died. They both go down in South Carolina history as great politicians great leaders and great

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