Why Language Is Important In English

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I want to start with the fact that knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, is the window into the world. And I also think that the English language has always been we need. That’s why learning to speak English well may be the best thing we can do to improve our life. It is really so, because it is an international language. People use it in different countries. Thanks to the knowledge of the English language, we will be able to receive more information than other. We will be able to communicate with interesting people. It tells us about the people’s lifestyle, their thoughts and ideas. It helps us share the things we have learnt or discovered. Moreover the knowledge of the foreign language helps us find friends in all corners of the world. That’s why one of the characteristic features of life in our country today is a great interest in the study of foreign languages – chiefly English. It is the language of politics and sport, science and computer technologies, business and international communication. That means English promotes cultural, technical and educational cooperation among people of all over the world. First, English gets access to knowledge. Is it science, music, computer, health, business, sport? Most of this knowledge is in English. I’d like to say that the Internet has become a part of life for many people, but we won’t be able to use it unless we know English. Good language skills are necessary to work on the computer in different search system.
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