Why People Do Not Work Hard To Achieve It?

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Many people received talent from nature, but other people must intensively work for achieve something. “You are not born Geo or investor or chess grandmaster’’- Geoffrey Colvin. If someone has a natural gift, this does not mean that talented people do not have to work hard to be prosperous.
To begin with, from my point of view, talent does not play a serious role in life. “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work- Albert Einstein. Moreover, based on his own experience, great scientist said that all smart, wise people achieved their goals thanks for good and intensive practice. Albert Einstein said that he spent a lot of time for his preparation. Only hard work gave him power to struggle with obstacles. Broadly speaking, being educated and successful person depends from practice. For example, a lot of people found decisions for difficult problems with the help of practice. Christopher
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Only practice is the key of success. We consider that several people are more naturally gifted and that is why they are very lucky in their career but the fact is that people do not have any kind of information about their intensive practice and strong persistence. For example, one of the most popular and famous sportsman from Azerbaijan Farid Mansurov, he won all battles in his successful career. Moreover he destroyed the world record of winnings and many people know these records but nobody knows that he used to prepare intensively and do not stops running till blood comes out from his face. For instance this was my first year playing basketball and I liked it. When I played I played only for entertainment. Unfortunately it was not enough for good results in game. I have had to practice in summer very good to get to improve my basic skills. Sport teams also want to practical and hardworking players to do their work. Without practice team members forget all their skills. Therefore, everything is possible by good

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