Why People Should Be Allowed To Have A Facelift

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A rhytidectomy is the medical term referring to a facelift. A facelift is a surgical procedure plastic surgeons can use to improve the visible signs of aging. Besides improving issues related to aging that appear on the face, this procedure may also address some of the signs of aging seen on the neck. Dr. Christopher J. Davidson performs facelifts at his practice in Wellesley, near Boston. Reasons People in Boston Choose to Have a Facelift The youthful contours of the face are lost due to a variety of issues. These issues include gravity, stress, environmental conditions and genetics. Excess deposits of fat and flaccid skin beneath the jaw and chin frequently cause an individual of normal weight to appear as if he or she has a double chin. Visible signs of aging that a facelift with Dr. Davidson near Boston …show more content…

Patients frequently receive specific instructions, including how to care for their drains and their surgical incision sites. Dr. Davidson may provide medication to apply to the incision sites. Furthermore, patients may receive oral medications to aid in the healing process and reduce the likelihood of infection. A follow-up appointment is usually scheduled prior to the patient being released to his or her driver. What to Expect Following a Facelift Near Boston Initially, the overall improvements from a facelift are not visible due to the swelling and bruising following the procedure; however, once these symptoms subside, patients enjoy a rested, more youthful-looking appearance. In addition, many patients feel more confident about the way they look once their facelift is completed and the healing process is complete. Dr. Davidson Can Perform a Variety of Other Procedures to Enhance a Facelift These procedures include: Dermal filler or fat injections to assist with wrinkle reduction. Fat transfer or the placement of facial implants. Augmentation of the soft tissue as a means to recontour the structure of the face. A neck

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