Why Should Animal Cruelty Be Allowed

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Have you ever seen someone abuse an animal because the simple fact the animal wasn’t listening? One day Jimmy was watching his friend Emmanuel dog Lola, Jimmy took Lola to the park and Lola was playing around Jimmy was ready to go and he called for Lola and she wouldn’t listen he went to grab her and she bit him and he kicked her, punched her, and stabbed her at least 10 times he took her home and hide her in the bathtub. Emmanuel came home and ask were Lola was and he found her dead in the bathtub Jimmy tried to cover up his lie but Emmanuel didn’t believe him. Animal cruelty is inflection harm upon any non- human animal, regardless of whether the act is against the law. Animal cruelty shouldn’t be allowed because they experiment on animal pound/shelter kills animals, They abuse animals because they do wrong or not listening. Animal cruelty shouldn’t be allowed to let pound/shelter kill animals. Animals lived in filthy positions infections ran rampant; animals died in cages (Dube). Animals…show more content…
In homes there was domestic violence or physical abuse of children, the incidence of animal cruelty was close to 90% (Siebert). Animals and children were abused almost 90%. Stacy wolf vice president of ASPCA said: “drew a comparison between the emerging mindfulness about animal cruelty and the changing attitudes towards domestic abuse” (Siebert). They’re trying to get people to turn against domestic violence. Through domestic violence animals being abused could signal other things. Dogs aren’t the only animals that are abused elephants are as well in India two calves and two elephants were killed instantly. A train accident is one of the many threats that elephants in India face. This is a situation where we have elephants dying and being chased off areas with humans habitations (Gettleman). A conservationist and writer Prerna Singh Bindra said: “railways need to be held accountable”
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