Why Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory

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Making vaccination mandatory has been an ongoing controversial topic over the years. A fair amount of people believe that vaccinations do more harm than good, so they are against it, whereas other people believe that vaccinations are for the greater good and need to be given in order to keep everyone healthy and safe to the best of our ability. Vaccinations should be made a mandatory obligation because due to vaccinations diseases are scarce, they reduce the risk of getting the people around them sick, and they are a lot cheaper than having to deal with the medical bills people will end up paying if they do get sick. Due to vaccinations diseases are starting to fade. This is due to the fact that since people get injected with the virus with…show more content…
By getting vaccinated people are not only looking out for themselves they are also looking out for the people close to them. When a person gets vaccinated they do not have to worry about getting sick and they also do not have to worry about being the reason their family and friends get sick either. Also vaccinations, can mean the difference between life and death. If a deadly disease is going around and a person is not vaccinated they have a higher chance of contracting the disease and getting deathly ill. People against vaccinations would say that vaccinations are what cause the illness, which is why they refuse to get them. They believe that they would be better off without being vaccinated which is why they prefer to rely on herd immunity. Herd immunity is basically when they choose to not get their shots, because everyone around them has gotten their shots, so they figure they will not get sick because those around them cannot get…show more content…
When people refuse to get sick they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable to the illness that is going around, and if they get sick they can cause the people around them who have not had a chance to get their shots yet to get sick. The herd immunity thing cannot be relied on, because what if everyone else also relies on herd immunity? Then everyone is not going to get shots, and everyone will be vulnerable to the disease. Also the shots do cause people to get ill for a while because they inject them with the disease, but they only inject them with an amount that their body can handle so that it can learn how to fight it off and become immune to it. Also it is very important for people to get vaccinated, especially if they want to travel or go places because if they do not get vaccinated their immune systems may be prone to get sick very easily. If a person gets vaccinated they can also save themselves from being in medical debt. Getting a flu shot at a local pharmacy costs way less, than having to deal with the hospital bills that they will receive when they actually get sick of the flu and have to get it treated at the hospital. Imagine the thousands of dollars people could save themselves if they just choose to get

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