Why We Should Not Promote English-Only Movement?

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In addition, research shows students are doing better when they are in bilingual programs. Pac (2012) writes “Facilitating instruction in both heritage languages and English, bilingual education specifically improved language minorities’ educational access, self-esteem, and personal and professional achievements” (Pac 2012, p.195). Students feel more comfortable when they are studying in the environment with their peers who are in the same English level, and they are more willing to practice in the class. However, when emergent bilinguals have to speak with unfamiliar language in the class, students will feel shame to ask questions because they will think other students will laugh at them since they are the only one who does not understand questions, which make them have lower self-esteem. In New York City, there is a dramatic loss of bilingual program because it against the English-only movement. Emergent bilinguals become the major factors that cause students’…show more content…
Form my personal experience, emergent bilinguals should study in bilingual program because it really helps them to learn the grade level content and the language. When I come to America, I went to a high school that has bilingual program, and it helped me to learn the subject materials by making me understand the topic through my native language. It was easier for me to understand the content first, and then I just need to translate it into English. I was not only need to finish all the required classes as other students, but I also needed to take ESL classes to develop my writing, listening, and speaking skill in English. Throughout the three years in high school, I was not only able to graduate on time, but also finished the class earlier than regular

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