Women's Rights In The Middle East

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Roger Azar
LAU Byblos

Male gender has established dominance in the societies since long time ago. However, in some countries, the male dominance over women is slowly reducing and even in some countries, the rights of women and men are equal. Women in the Middle East however, do not have the liberty to enjoy most of their rights, that is, their social, religious, cultural, economic and political rights are limited. In some parts of Middle East women do not have the right to go to school, some suffer sexual abuse and others even circumcised. This perception of women being inferior beings should end completely in the society and they should receive equal rights as men.

The reason why women appear as weak beings is
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Due to this, there are some areas in the Middle East, where women should not drive any vehicle. This is however not true and women should have the right to drive equally as men do. Many of the automotive insurance companies try to show the world that women are better drivers as opposed to the mislead notion of women to be poor drivers (Kandel, 2012). One of such insurance companies is the online auto insurance group that tries so much to dispel the myth that women are poor drivers. In their study, the found out that 80 percent of all the serious car accidents come because of men driving recklessly. It continues to say that women have a 27 percent lesser probability of causing accidents than men (Young, 2014). In a study in 2007, the statistics clearly showed that the ration of men to women who cause car accidents was 6.1: 4.4. The causes of road accidents by men may be blamed on their high testosterone, high levels of aggression or even their high levels of aggression but the fact remains they cause most of the road accidents (Kandel, 2012). The women should therefore have the right to drive in the countries where they do not have that right. It only shows the negligence of the authorities in those countries in denying the right of the women to…show more content…
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