How Did Woodrow Wilson Influence On America

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Early, in Wilson’s administration, there was a politic debate over entering World War I and the repercussions that would linger. Woodrow Wilson influenced the way people thought about how the World War would benefit the United States and other countries. He imagined countries owning their own government and gaining independence. Additionally, Wilson believed it’s America’s job to promote free markets and political democracy. Wilsonism is the belief in Wilson’s strategy in open markets, petition for democracy, world freedom, and liberal internationalism. Not to mention, he was the 28th president and leader of progressive movement, and he was a huge historical significance in America’s involvement with the world. For instance, he believed America should assist other countries in gaining their own independence. Resulting in, attempting to create a League of Nations and promote America’s involvement with other countries and maintaining peace.
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Women argued to stop economic norms that limited women’s employment, education, and role in politics. People who dominated the suffrage movement were white, and native-born, working class women who didn’t believe in a superior race. National Woman's Suffrage Association (NWSA) was devoted in the direction of improving women’s education and altering the social structure of how women are viewed and treated. The historical importance of NWSA in advance of women’s education and allowed women to receive more job employments. However, NWP focused on gaining women the right to vote. NWP is historical significant because helped with confirmation of Nineteenth Amendment, which excluded states from making legal decisions based on sex. For example, job hiring, interviews, and politics. Both, NWSA and NWP worked towards women’s suffrage; however, each focused on different aspects on the

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