Woodrow Wilson's Speech

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Princeton is an institution, which has turned passionate students into passionate change makers, making positive influence on sociopolitical movements at home and abroad. The University and I share a common value; a sense of duty to create positive change in a myriad of environments, big or small. Determination and commitment is key to making a difference and this is especially evident regarding the author of this speech, Woodrow Wilson. Wilson’s resilience to complete the speech despite his physical obstacles exemplifies true strength of a leader.

I have worked to make strides and become a leader through my advocacy work for the duration of my high school years. Being a member of my local National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter has empowered me not only as an advocate for equal rights, but also as a person. I walked in as a shy intern, frustrated with the wage gap, and now, I have grown into an outspoken fighter for gender equality in various arenas. Over the past two years, I have worked my way up the ranks to become the youngest member of my …show more content…

I was an intern for a local State Representative campaign with a first time candidate against a well-known incumbent. The candidate’s platform resonated with my morals and positions, and I truly believed that if she were elected, she would be able to serve my community with the best intentions, not just according to partisan concerns. We had to find motivation within to keep the campaign going, even when the state Democratic Party didn’t’ believe in us enough to give us adequate funding. This meant constantly reaffirming the campaign’s message and mobilizing support from our very conservative district. In the end, we lost by single digit percentage points, which was unprecedented considering how democrat candidates faired in previous elections and the liberal agenda the campaign put

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