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Benefits of a Working Mother There has been an ongoing debate whether being a stay at home mom or a working mom is better for your children. A national study in 1997 showed that about 50 percent of adults polled said it was better for moms to stay home, down from the 70 percent who said this in 1977 (Masters, n.d). The statistics showing that it is becoming more socially acceptable to be a working mom and there are reasons for this. With the prices of everything slowly rising, it has become much harder for a family to get by on a single income. A working mom can bring in another income which can benefit her family, especially her children. With both parents having a job, the child will have to be taken care of while they are working. This means they will have to go to daycare or preschool which has many benefits…show more content…
She is able to follow her dreams and pursue her career goals despite having one or more children. This can have many positive repercussions as it can make the mother much happier as a person. (as long as the job does not run/consume their life) Not only will it make her happier but it will also benefit the relationship between two parents. “Marriages in which there is a sole breadwinner get divorced at a rate 14% above average, the highest of any income split”(Behson 2013). When there is only one income there is a higher chance of divorce for the couple. That can have terrible consequences on the children in the family. “It is essential to realise that you cannot make your child happy by merely satisfying all his needs and wants. The key is to be a positive role model and offer steadfast support to constantly encourage him to be happy”(Swamenathan, 2013). Having a happy relationship means that the child will have a better environment to grow up in and develop. Having a mother that works will benefit children because it gives them a good role model and a positive
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