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In Springfield once a year they have a fair. This year I decided that I would enter my steer into it and continue on farther than just the county level. I love showing beef steers, it is a major part of my life. However, I wish I would have never enrolled in this show. This is the only show that I have ever went to where someone caused my steer to trample me. First, my family and I spent all Wednesday packing up the trailer with all of our needed supplies and fourteen animals. After we finally got everything to fit in the trailer we realized it took hours and tons of energy. Then the rest of the day became a waiting game we left room for the animals, but they could not be loaded until it cooled off outside. At about 8:30 p.m. we finally loaded all the animals onto the trailer and headed out for Springfield. Then came the two hour drive. When we made it there we then had to unload all the animals where they belonged and park the trailer. Finally, at about three in the morning we made it to our hotel rooms. …show more content…

I got to the fairgrounds around 6:50 on Friday morning. Started my long show day by feeding both the steers. I stood along the fence and waited on the animals to finish eating. I then went straight to the wash racks with my steer to get him a much needed bath to get him ready for show day. After, getting him all sparkling clean I had to walk him to the beef barn to dry and fit him for the show. This teenage boy came running up on my steer and me on the walk over to the beef barn. He startled my steer causing him to knock me over and trample me. Although, I did not let go of my steer or I would have had to chase him down. Eventually we made it to the barn and I got him in the head chute, but I limped terribly bad the whole

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