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While neither myself, nor my group members, could possibly imagine one another out in the fields of mills working hard to create weapons of mass destruction, it is truly what is represented through our words and pictures. Some may present the argument that we lack creativity within our posters design, my group members and myself will counter that statement, by stating that our posters presents persuasiveness and meets proper advertisement criteria. The point of our poster, is to encourage students in Mills High where it is not much of place to build one’s mind, but more of an environment to build one’s weapons.
The thing that stands out most in this poster is our submarine. The submarine presents itself as our main point of our advertising. Yes, the whole point of building submarines isn’t presented through its image, however, to the top of the poster, in bright colors, it is stated: “Don't Strike.” By putting these words out it lets people know that people preemptively weren’t working on the submarines. Additionally, there is a Viking helmet on top of the submarine. The use of this helmet is to show a sense of national or Viking pride within the school. On submarine built from Mills is also one submarine for it's defense. Lastly, to end of the the poster, in bold colorful letters said's: “Work had and prevail...Submarines will sail.” This is to …show more content…

Due this change of scenery, the viewer will one, feel a sense of school pride because of the helmet placed on the submarine. The reason being, is because they will feel like their work is being recognized. Additionally, when one would read the whole motto: “Don't strike ...work hard and prevail submarines will sail,” on would see this as the U.S government recognizing their hard work and effort. Consequently, they would view this as the U.S government begging them to come back and

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