Xacc/280 Week 3 Individual Assignment

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For the first phase of this project, I started by contacting the company to find out who could provide me the view of what the company environment looks like. I wanted to get a holistic view so I could understand all the components and how they function together. Starting from the beginning at the website, this is where customers can log into their account to retrieve their information and move or withdraw money. I learned that this process works by redirecting the user to the FIS validation login page and FIS authenticates the user in their system. There is nothing that is performed on the company website; just think of a police officer standing in the middle of the street pointing to where you need to go. Without the customer even knowing …show more content…

I had meetings with the internal IT group and the FIS vendor to pinpoint the exact files and the details in each file. There was some influencing on my part to get approval from both groups to allow this information to be communicated. I utilized my critical thinking skills to make their assumption of me which can be unstated premises of belief, into something positive (Criticalthinking, 2013). I managed to make them feel at ease by telling them I did not want to know the exact information. I did not need to see customer information but just wanted to know the fields that were collected and how many files. This made them feel more secure and allowed them to lower their guard a little bit, but I would have felt the same way. Knowing that customer information is the main element they need to project and they would not want to be the person that allows a mistake to happen. I got the database team involved because they receive all of the information that comes in and would need to know if we are going to start encrypting certain fields or all the

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