Yangzi River Valley

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Due to the need to maintain order and organize community projects. The Egyptians soon organized states and recognized official authorities. The earliest states were small kingdoms. The first small kingdoms in Egypt appeared in 4000 b.c.e. In Yangzi and Yellow river valleys the societies that were emerging after 5000 b.c.e. They also developed the need for a recognized authorities. Instead of kings, the Egyptians recognized pharaoh as the supreme ruler.The authorities of the Yangzi and Yellow river valley also maintained order and organized community work projects. A power that rulers in the Yangzi and Yellow river societies has was the ability to resolve disputes. Though it can be assumed that the Nile rulers could too. They did not just have states which had kings, instead they had village level organization. Which worked for the local affairs. When the societies came under a united rule,they had a king and rulers to preside over small territories. During the Shang dynasty the rulers relied on a large collection of political allies. …show more content…

Specialized labor became prominent in Egypt. Egypt was economically productive due to prosperity and geographic location. Though the people of the Nile River valley relied heavily on trade due to the few resources that the people had access to. In the Yellow river valley there was no need to create complex irrigation due to the constant flooding. Like the Nile, the Yangzi River needed complex irrigation systems to accommodate to the crops . A small class of artisans worked throughout china. Some, of these people worked only for the people of the privileged class.Pottery, wood working, leather production, stone cutting, and masonry were all common trades in the Nile valley. Popular jobs unlike those of the Nile River valley consisted of; bronze smiths,jewelers jade workers and embroiders. The manufacturing of textiles was common trade of the China and

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