How Did Mesopotamia Have A Centralized Government

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Many civilizations have affected one another whether or not it's a serious or minor impact; it still has a control on one another. Egypt and Mesopotamia were not totally different; a person’s social standing determined by what proportion of money that they had. Egypt and Mesopotamia were designed on the backs of slavery, acting manual labor that was taxed by the rich. Although, each had political similarities, they had numerous differences. Egypt had a centralized government dominated by a ruler whereas Mesopotamia had a City-State government dominated by a King. Egypt and Mesopotamia had very similar social structure and divided people by wealth, power and gender. Egypt and Mesopotamia were male-runed; they were believed the most in control over the female status, giving them more power in the political system. In both civilizations, …show more content…

Egypt had a centralized government that had one ruler, the ruler was the pharaoh. A centralized government was stronger and more stable form and different from other sorts of government. The ruler would have complete management over Egypt and had the ultimate word in any call. A ruler is chosen looking on his connections to the gods; it absolutely was additionally believed to own divine powers, like the power to regulate the Nile. In Egypt, the ruler has total power and management; however his family and advisers had lots of power and influence also. On the opposite hand, Mesopotamia had a City-State government with multiple rulers; an independent city serves as a part of a state with each having its own local ruler. City- States are weaker than a centralized government as a result of once there's a disagreement; it weakens the country and results in downfall. The native leaders of the City-States over time got greedy and commenced to steal tax cash that marked them abusing their own

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