2010s Essays

  • Benefits Of Dialogic Teaching

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    According to Faculty of Education at University of Cambridge, dialogic teaching is a way of teaching where talk is an effective way to carry out teaching and learning. It involves ongoing talk between two parties; the teacher and the students. In early 2000s, Robin Alexander developed this type of learning. Dialogical teaching helps teacher to discover students’ needs, assess their progress and so on. Dialogic teaching offers an interaction; which is between not only teacher and students; it could

  • The Importance Of Reflection In Professional Practice

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    Assignment Part 1 Critically discuss the concept of reflection and indicate why reflection is important for your area of professional practice. Using a model of reflection reflect on a critical incident in your area of practice and provide a rationale for using the selected model. Part 1 In this part of the assignment students will critically discuss: their understanding of the concept of reflection• why reflection is important for professional practice• why the chosen model is suitable for

  • The Importance Of Research In Counseling

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    Research in Counseling The purpose of this paper is to know the importance of research in the field of counseling. Address the importance relationship between research and counseling. This paper will also discuss the importance roles and responsibilities of research in the field of counseling. It is important to be aware of the ethical and legal consideration when working with clients. Research is vital in the field of counseling because it provides with proper data on the impact and effectiveness

  • Theories Of Situational Leadership

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    The Model- Situational Leadership Situational leadership was a leadership theory explained long back in 1969 by Dr Paul Hersey. It is a model for all leaders, managers, teachers, employees, etc for effectively influencing others. The original situational leadership by Dr Hersey is based on the relationship between leaders and employees, and this in turn serves as a framework to analyse each situation which is based on: ● The amount of guidance and direction a leader gives ● The amount of emotional

  • Trait Theory: Are Leaders Born Or Made?

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    Are leaders born or made? Psychologists and Theorists have been trying to answer this question for centuries. Leadership refers to the ability to motivate, inspire and guide others in an organization or a group to a goal or vision (Comstock, 2014). A leader’s success is contingent on clarifying, developing, and cultivating a vision or goal. There are several theories, styles and endless definitions of leadership. This paper will discuss different leadership theories and provide evidence that leaders

  • Effective Pain Management In Nursing

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    Effective pain management is a vital component to quality patient care. Nurses play an essential role in implementing pain management. Empowered nurses equipped with the latest evidenced based knowledge, skills and information are able to provide safe and compassionate care during the most vulnerable time in the life of critical care patients. Evidenced- based pain management information is crucial to provide the nurse with unbiased skills that could form the basis of their knowledge and attitudes

  • Community Health Needs Assessment

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    5. Community Health Needs Assessment: This is taken from module 5.2 of public health nursing in block 2. Community health needs assessment is a systematic process of knowing and exploring a defined community for assessing its health status and determining possible factors affecting the health of people. Book Author: Gulani (2005) The process involve the following - describing the state of health of local people, the identification of the major risk factors and causes of ill

  • The Pros And Cons Of Fashion Advertising

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    Nowadays technology advance, we get inundated with ads from television, radio, billboards or magazine even in our computer. We can’t escape the messages is because the brands trying to attract and get the customers to buy their service or products ( Jane, 2011, online ). Most of us know that computer, internet and mobile phones are recently invented. Until 1990s advertising has more choices and print, television, radio is three of the most popular forms that advertiser like to used. Over the years

  • Nursing Profession

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    Nursing Profession Paper Several self-reflective thoughts come to mind in responding to the query ‘what does it mean to think like a nurse’. The first thought which comes to mind is that of critical thinking. A nurse that applies critical thinking to their accountabilities is a professional who is able to organize their situational understanding across a broad spectrum of patient interaction. One who can take into consideration all of the patient data available to piece together a solution and/or

  • 9 Month School Calendar Essay

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    Keeping the 9 Month School Calendar Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of advantages of keeping the current 9-month school calendar as opposed to changing to a year-round calendar. Central Idea: The notion of changing from the 9-month calendar to a year-round calendar is a popular discussion on being an improvement to improve the education system in the United States. Even though there are many advantages to this change there are also many

  • Rehabilitation Psychology: The Four Major Models Of Disabilities

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    The present paper attempts to highlight the concept of rehabilitation and rehabilitation psychology with the primary focus on the rehabilitation of people, the goals, process, the professionals involved, competence requires as well as problems faced in the rehabilitation are described. The emerging field as rehabilitation psychology emphasizes on the types of intervention programs, activities, outcomes, applications and services given. The most essential aspect of rehabilitation being disability

  • 2010 Earthquake In Chile

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    During the early morning of the 27th of February 2010, Chile experienced the second largest earthquake in its history, and according to the US Geological Survey the fifth largest in recent history. A magnitude 8.8 on the Richter struck Chile. The earthquake lasted about two minutes and affected 75% of the total population, which are approximately 12 million people out of the total 17 million. The epicentre was about 325 southwest of the capital the Santiago, 33 kilometres below the Pacific Ocean

  • Olympics Constrain Host Cities

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    "The Olympics remain the most compelling search for excellence that exists in sport, and maybe in life itself” (Bell). Beginning in 1896, the games have successfully continued to this day with each nation’s top athletes competing at the highest level. A controversy on the continuation of the Olympics has arisen recently with proponents arguing that the games are economically beneficial to the host nation, they promote nationalism and a sense of union, and increase a host country’s global trade and

  • Analysis Of Plagiarism In Malcolm Gladwell's Something Borrowed

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    In any school you have attended, plagiarism is a situation that a writer should not put themselves in under any circumstances. When reading the essay “Something Borrowed,” Malcolm Gladwell gave insight into the flaws of plagiarism that writers may not have thought about before. The first being that plagiarism is never acceptable (927). The second issue with plagiarism is recognizing the differences that can or cannot “inhibit creativity” (931). Being inspired by another person's work can help and

  • Essay On Symbolism In The Lottery

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    Author's Note: I’ve decided to do a response on symbolism throughout the short book “The Lottery”. I wanted to give my personal opinion on how symbolism was presented to me as I read the story. This response was out of my comfort zone, which is why I wanted this to become a challenge for me. My goal is to explain my thought process with well-written reasoning to prove my point. Also, I would like my audience to understand what symbolism really is, and how it relates to “The Lottery”. First of all

  • The 2010 BP Oil Spill

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    Marine life affected by an oil spill are at risk for disrupted growth, development, and reproduction. They are prone to tissue damage, a disrupted immune system and a change in swimming ability and behaviors. The 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was deemed the worst oil spill in US history. According to a study by NRDC, the BP oil spill killed more than 1,000 sea turtles, and left more than 2,000 stranded, compared to an average 240 stranded annually. Over

  • Essay On Haiti's 2010 Earthquake

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    Haiti’s 2010 earthquake was caused from two sides of the fault line moving past each other in an east and west direction, resulting in a geological catastrophe. This is contributed by its geographical location. In addition, Haiti was not doing well before the earthquake due to the poor infrastructure. The earthquake at its height was recorded to be a 7.0 on the Richter Scale. Various geological components of the earthquake caused tremendous aftermath. There are various theories as to how the earthquake

  • Peter Carey The Window Analysis

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    Reality and Dreams The window separates outside from inside, and only permits light to go through; therefore, it gives a chance to observers to see through the other side. For this particular quality, it is often used as a symbol, and that is what Peter Carey does in part two. The window symbolizes the distinction between the imagined, idealized world and the cruel reality. This symbolism can be seen when Harry watches the outside of Milanos from the window, when Bettina sees her father through

  • Wasted Time Haiti Earthquake

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    Wasted time. It’s something all people scold themselves for doing. But what happens when that wasted time means that there have been lives lost. That is surprisingly what happened in 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti(Brown). Rescuers had been wasting time setting up security instead of helping those in need(Brown). Because of this many have argued that disaster relief programs need to be improved(Brown). Improvements need to be made in the organization the response and the overall relief itself

  • Essay On Haitian Earthquake

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    Understanding How the Haitian Earthquake of 2010 Affected the Number Orphans and How We Can Help Have you thought about a natural disaster that happened years ago, leaving no effect on you at all? Why would you have a reason to? The effects of an earthquake that happened five years ago have probably been solved by now. Right? But unfortunately, the people of Haiti are still struggling and dying because of the earthquake that occurred five years ago. All of these problems are raising the number