Cities in the Philippines Essays

  • Philippine City Essay

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    I have always thought that Manila has plenty of beautiful landmarks that depict the rich history of the City. Now, what comes closer to experiencing the history of the place than to visit the place itself? For that, we explored the Capital of the Philippines armed with the preparedness to combat the scourging heat and the possible danger of a beautiful temptress. Provided that most of the major landmarks of Manila are accessible from the Manila Post Office, we decided to make it the jump-off point

  • Comparison Of Semana Santa Spread To Spain

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    In Hispanic countries, Semana Santa is the equivalent of our Holy Week in the United States. Semana Santa is a week long celebration before Easter. People celebrate Semana Santa starting on Domingo de Ramos, or Palm Sunday. They celebrate with parades and going to church. Spain usually has the most colorful celebrations out of all the Hispanic countries. Semana Santa is one of their top three holidays, but what makes this day so special? Semana Santa and Easter are similar in many ways. They are

  • Enchanted City In The Philippines Essay

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    of the Filipino public. Filipino architects really have an imaginative aesthetics that can be seen in the designs of memorial parks, large expanses of urban spaces, and tropical tourist spots. Some recreational parks that can be found in the Philippines are The Paco Park and the Rizal Park in Manila. Both reconnect Filipinos with nature and history as the architect harmoniously put spatial angles differentiated only by the variety and positions of

  • Importance Of Tourism Spots In Cebu

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    Cebu City is one of the finest travel destinations in the Philippines. It is the main center of commerce and industry in Visayas. Goods are cheap in Cebu that the reason for vistors stay in this place. Basilica De Santo Niño Cebu is one of the best tourist spots in Cebu City and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The location where the Santo Niño was found is where Basilica De Santo Niño is standing today. Fort San Pedro, one of the known tourist spots in Cebu, is a Spanish camp built

  • Causes Of Floods In Marikina

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    Marikina River: Among the seventeen cities that make up Metro Manila, Marikina City has had a long history of flooding because of it delicate geographic area. Marikina is a highly urbanized area in NCR, sitting in the heart of a valley bounded on the eastern part , by Sierra Madre Mountains, San Mateo on the north, on the south by the Pasig City and municipality of Cainta, and hills of Quezon City to the west side of Metro Manila. Most of the floods in the city’s low-lying areas are caused by

  • Philippine Government

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    The Philippines is an archipelago composed of over 7,000 islands, and 17 regions distributed in three bigger islands Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It is projected to be one among the dynamic dragon economies in the whole of Southeast Asia. According to UNDP, Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations rich in biodiversity, cultural diversity and human capital. Despite being a developing country – which is defined by the World Bank as “having far less money, with far fewer basic public

  • Essay About Gambling In The Philippines

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    Gambling the Philippines’ Future It is no secret that there has been a push from the government to develop the so called ‘Entertainment City’. This city is supposedly going to be the Las Vegas or Atlantic City in our very own country. Yes, this means that there is a push to make this city, the gambling capital of the Philippines. Now it seems strange that there is a push for such a city in the Philippines where the Catholic Church has been very vocal about the negative effects that the growth

  • Waste Management In Philippines

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    wastes BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Batangas City, the capital of the province of Batangas, lies at the southeast portion of the province. Having a total land area of approximately 28,541.44 hectares, the city has a population of 324,116. Having been blessed with economic prosperity and sustained growth, Batangas city has transformed into one of the fastest-growing metropolitan city in CALABARZON, and is also known as the “Industrial Port

  • Import Bags And Inventory Essay

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    The Impact of Imported Bags and Accessories to the Selected Local Native Stores in Public Market of Dumaguete City Time flies so swiftly and at the spur of the moment the world change even the inhabitants on it. New technologies have been made and various companies develop goods and products fitted in these modern world. Even in the purchasing of bags and accessories, the modern society influences people’s taste and wants with the help of modern technologies. But one cannot generalize all these.

  • Essay On Urbanization In The Philippines

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    Situationer Cebu City is the second largest city in the Philippines with a population of 866,171 people (Philippine Statistics Authority, 2013) in a metropolitan area of over two million. As the regional financial and administrative capital of central Visayas, it is one of the biggest and fast-developing cities in the country (The World Bank, 2011). The province of Cebu is also one of the main tourist destinations in the Philippines. In the city, both locals and tourists commute everyday with jeepneys

  • Business Process Outsourcing Feasibility Study

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    The Philippines, which sprawls gracefully in the center of Southeast Asia, has reached a pivot point to regain its reputation as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and attain the limelight worthy of an emerging economic tiger. At present, the Philippines is the world’s 43rd largest economy and if current trends hold, it could soar to be the 16th largest economy in the world, fifth in

  • Essay On Sports Tourism

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    United States, a joint venture of Blue Collar Country and the city of Foley in Alabama will invest in a sports tourism project that highlights 16 multi-purpose athletic fields and a one-hectare events center. The events center includes an open space which can accommodate more than 10 basketball and volleyball courts, concerts, and conventions. Foley’s Executive Director Sports Don Stanley said that the project gives positive news for the city, continuing economic developments and creating more jobs (Anderson

  • Intramuros Case Study

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    town, forming a village of 2000 people. Before long the Spanish conquistadors discovered the City of Manila, Martin de Goiti together with Juan de Salcedo explored the island of Luzon in search of the alleged land teeming with natural resources and riches. Upon finding the City of Manila, Lagazpi and his men waged war in order to claim the land along with its settlements. Succeeding with his feat, the City of Manila was now under the control of the Spaniards.

  • Philippine Government Vs Spanish Government

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    DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE FORMS OF GOVERNMENT (PHILIPPINES AND SPANISH) Over time, the forms of government of the Philippines and Spain changed which led to many differences. One is of which the Spanish government being an absolute monarchy, though using a colonial government on colonies. On the other hand, present day Philippines is currently under a democratic government wherein most of decisions are made through voting. These include who become presidents, vice presidents, senators, mayors, etc

  • Analysis Of Isla Ng Corregidor

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    educational, and economic institutions and their activities. Institutions consolidate social subsistence for survival and safety of its members and constituents. Institutions are supposed to exemplify and apply beliefs and values of its members. The rich Philippine tradition can be experienced, not only in textbooks and museums but also in beautifully preserved ancient sites across the country. A simple textbook description of a historical event comes to life upon a visit to the place where it unfolded. Isla

  • Tourism Project Proposal

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    A Proposed Taga-Itay Medical Tourism hospital Enhance the Philippines Environment for Health and Wellness Abstract The Medical Tourism is known in various countries especially in Asia because of the large emerging markets in the country. Thus, by its growing competition and demand, the Philippines has potential to attract tourist by offering a natural environment for the health and wellness improvement through medical procedures, attractive scenery and climate. This study is about an issue of

  • Federalism In The Philippines Summary

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    government because he is expecting that even the regional leaders can lead their constituencies properly. According to the citizen of the Philippines, “One of the reason, why Duterte is the right leader for the Philippines is because of the voters choice, He is the choice of many Filipino people because they idolize the way on how Mayor Duterte is leading the Davao City. Unfortunately, graft and corruption is just one of the social issues that need to be addressed. Crime prevention, dismantling of drug

  • Descriptive Paragraph About Bracay

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    changing tourist trends, Boracay remains the queen of Philippine beaches. Boracay's stretch of white sand kissing cool blue waters is picture-perfect; just beyond the sand, the line of branded and boutique hotels, restaurants and other establishments catering to tourists give the beach a cosmopolitan air. Boracay is a true paradise where you can relax and play at the beach during the day and party Ibiza-style once the sun goes down. Baguio City There is more than one way to escape the heat of Manila

  • Crime In The Philippines Essay

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    Thus, it also brings discouragements for new businesses that want to open in a certain area in fear of being robbed. The crime rate in the Philippines make the people bother about going around the city. The fear in some Filipinos will always be in their minds resulting for a need of time to lessen this fear in their life. The fear of crime in the society brings damage in Filipino’s

  • Kanlungan Thesis

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    Kanlungan: A Proposed Residential Housing Development Located in Barangay Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City By: Kannah G. Heray Ar. Epifanio Garde Genesis R. Merano Consultant Editor Chapter IV DESIGN PRESENTATIONS 4.1. Site Selection Criteria Land Contour and Slope- 20% The type of terrain should have the potentials guaranteeing beneficial, safe, and ecologically sound community life. It should also be non-susceptible to infrequent flooding and dumping. An enormously