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  • Pronoun And Antecedent Errors In English Grammar

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    1. Subject–verb agreement errors One basic rule of English grammar is that the subject (the one performing the action) must agree in number with the verb (the action or state of being). For example, in the sentence "Matt plays the guitar," both Matt and plays are singular, so this subject and verb agree. However, most sentences, especially in academic writing, aren 't so straightforward. Descriptive phrases can get in the way, making it difficult to determine if the subjects and verbs agree. When

  • Polish Grammar: Differences Between Polish And English Grammar

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    Differences between Polish and English grammar It is the common knowledge that Polish language is no doubts one of the most difficult languages to learn. I have heard many reason why people find it difficult but most of them focus on the grammatical part of the language. First difference between Polish and English language is an alphabet. Polish alphabet contains 32 letters: a ą b c ć d e ę f g h i j k l ł m n ń o ó p r s ś t u w y z ź ż When we learn polish alphabet we use the names to remember

  • Reflection About Learning English Grammar

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    Grammar is a system and structure of language. To me grammar is more than just knowing the rules and standards; it is being able to apply them in writing. Growing up I was taught all of the grammar rules through many grammar worksheets. However, my Pedagogical Grammar class gave me a new outlook on how to teach grammar. I will use strategies learned from my peers, research, experience, and my grammar class to explain how I will teach my students grammar. When I heard that I needed to take Pedagogical

  • Listening To English Songs Essay

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    correcting grammar. Aside from this thought, a well-constructed sentences is composed of words that creates meaning or gives thought intended for the reader or the listener. This body of words that are purposively will form and use in a particular language is called vocabulary. The Vocabulary is one of the key elements in learning a foreign language and to always cause the students difficulties. David Wilkins once quoted that the importance of learning vocabulary that says: “without grammar, very little

  • The Negative Role Of Social Media

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    Abstract: Social media is the social interface among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Users of social media are escalating exponentially and it is changing the dynamics of social interaction by empowering them. In the society, the role of social media is very crucial as media creates awareness, change the perception of people and helps in decision making. Social media has become the voice of the people by shaping the way information

  • Lost Sister Poem Analysis

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    Language Arts: Poetry Assignment - Lost Sister by Cathy Song Erinn Lee (10) 206 The difference between the life experiences of the two sisters is their vastly different lifestyles. The main difference is the amount of freedom they had. The first sister lived in China. The women brought up in the Chinese culture “never left home” and had freedom “stolen from them at birth”. This shows us that the first sister led a very restricted lifestyle under the influence of a strict culture. The ability “to

  • Bound By Donna Jo Napoli Analysis

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    I read the book, Bound, written by Donna Jo Napoli. The book is about a young chinese woman, who is bound to her father’s second wife. This is because he passed away and, back in 17th century china, young woman had very little power or say in situations. Also woman were thought to less value of worth then their livestock. Throughout the day’s of dealing with her step mom she, loves to do poetry and calligraphy. She thinks of herself as having natural gift at these two things. The main character's

  • Feathers From A Thousand Li Away Analysis

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    After attempting to explain the significance of the club’s name, she points out that the daughters think their mothers are stupid because of their broken English, while the mothers are intolerant with their daughters who are not ready to understand the cultural nuances of their language. In the beginning section of the novel “Feathers from a Thousand Li Away” introduces the first group of stories in the novel

  • The Interlanguage Theory In Second Language

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    second language with relation to SLA. The term interlanguage was used by Selinker (1972) when he described the rules of structure at the Intermediate grammar level given for the learners of second language to achieve their target language. In spite of the inadequacy of the nature of this grammar, Selinker says that it makes a unity of the whole as this grammar is driven through many psychological mechanisms and it is not developed in the natural way. Adjemian presented Selinker's philosophy with some modification

  • Importance Of Business Writing

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    Introduction Business communication is a process where both the employer and the employees in a company share and exchange information. Be it the corporate world or the education arena, priority is given to ‘speaking’ correct English. People in these fields have understood that communication skills mean speaking skills. Most people think that writing skills are not essential for effective communication. But that is not the truth. Writing skill is also an important part of communication. Business

  • Broca's Schizophrenia Case Study

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    Gabriella Morris Dr. Elizabeth Madden SPA2001 November 16, 2016 Background and diagnosis Mr. Wright was an active, social, middle-aged English teacher before being diagnosed with acquired Broca’s aphasia, which primarily affects his speech. “In Broca’s aphasia, speech is nonfluent, labored, interrupted by many word-finding pauses, and usually dysarthric. It is impoverished in function words. Abnormal word order and the inappropriate deployment of bound morphemes lead to a characteristic agrammatism

  • Communication Technology In Public Life

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    Communication Technology Technology has changed our lifestyle and is continuing to alter it. Every aspect of our life has been somehow touched by technology. However, technology has made a significant impact on the way we communicate and new communication technologies are continuously improving and being used in everyday life. It has become an essential part of most our lives because we, as a human species, have always had this deep desire to communicate, and to communicate over distance. The obstruction

  • Semantic Rules In Communication

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    people enunciate them out loud. There are words which can be same in two languages, however, can sound very different by two natives. Syntactic rules: They play the role of foundation like how the sentence should be structured. For example, it could grammar, or vowel use in a sentence. Semantic rules: This is the most important rule of language to govern because it gives the word a specific meaning. This way words can be used by most people. Yet, when these rules are used well like people misuse the

  • Four Stages Of The Maturational Theory Of Cognitive Development

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    Theory of Cognitive Development The cognitive theory of development is the human intelligence enhancement of an individual throughout their life-span. There are four stages that are involved in the intellectual development of an individual during his or her life. Complexity and abstraction are evident with increase throughout the cognitive development theory of any normal person. The four stages of the cognitive development theory comprise of sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and

  • Social Work Reflective Journal Analysis

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    Reflective Journal Throughout the book, it emphases the importance of “faith” of social workers. Only if social workers identify their most valuable faith can they have motivation to continue on their journey of serving individual and society. Persisting in the faith is not an easy task as frustration may happen constantly. Social workers may have struggles from their lost time. However, the most important thing is to reflect what can be learnt during perplexity. A brand-new perspective of social

  • Kurt Vonnegut's Essay 'How To Write With Style'

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    Kurt Vonnegut author of slaughterhouse five, in the 1985 essay “How to Write with Style,” makes observations and recommendations for infusing personality into your work. It begins by defining "elements of style" as the unique personal qualities that you show to the reader. Vonnegut then goes on to make an argument on why we should improve our writing style. To which he says it's out of sign of respect for the reader. Basically not putting effort into your writing will make the reader will think

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Macarthur's Speech

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    On May 12, 1962, the United States Military Academy, commonly called West Point, bestowed the Thayer Award on General Douglas MacArthur. The award was a tribute to MacArthur’s courage and leadership in the United States Army. That day at West Point, his alma mater, he delivered a speech that has become a tribute to the American soldier. The speech is rhythmic, almost poetical. He employs several rhetorical tools to enhance his words. Martha Kolln defines cohesion as, “the connections between

  • Soft Skills Analysis

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    ABSTRACT: The current study is a Qualitative Analysis of 15 previously researched studies on the importance of soft skills among college students focusing on engineering students. The review of literature supports the fact that students at an undergraduate/ post graduate level require training in soft skills and leadership skills. The researcher discusses the importance of soft skills and training among college students taking support of the literature review and her experience in the field. Keywords:

  • Discourse Analysis In Linguistics

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    What is Discourse Analysis? Discourse analysis is basically a common term for a range of approaches to analyze written, vocal, or sign language use or any significant semiotic event. Discourse analysis is usually viewed as language sentence or the clause. It is the look of linguistics that's concerned about how we build up meaning in larger communicative, instead of grammatical units. It studies meaning in text, paragraph and conversation, rather than in single sentence. Discourse analysis

  • Wilfred Owen Disabled Analysis

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    EXPLORE HOW CHANGE IS SHOWN IN THE “DISABLED” POEM The theme of war and its consequences were explored through many poems and novels in the past. However the poem “Disabled” talks about how the war has influenced one soldier in particular physically and mentally. It talks about the major change in his life and his points of view on the situation. This poem is an anti- war poem and it within it, Wilfred Owen wants to remind the young people of the consequences of the war and how life changing it