Fatty acid Essays

  • Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Mix (DPPH)

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    Materials and methods Standards and reagents Fatty acid methyl ester mix (PUFA No 3 from menhaden oil) was purchased from Supelco (USA). Folin–Ciocalteu reagent, gallic-acid, phloroglucinol, 1, 1-Diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), ascorbic acid and BHT were purchased from Sigma-aldrich, (Germany); sodium carbonate, YPD medium and Mueller-Hinton agar were purchased from Merck (Germany); Chloramphenicol, Ciprofloxacin and McFarland scale were purchase from Biomerieux (France). Methanol, n-Hexane and

  • Fatty Acid Research Paper

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    A fatty acid contains a long hydrocarbon chain and a carboxylate group. Fatty acid synthesis is a process which only takes place in the cytoplasm of the cell and it consists in producing fatty acids from acetyl-CoA and NADPH. This process requires great amounts of acetyl-CoA, and most of it that is used is formed in mitochondria. The intra-mitochondrial acetyl-CoA initially reacts to form citrate, as the inner mitochondria membrane is impermeable to this compound. Tricarboxylate transport system

  • Fatty Acid Synthesis Lab Report

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    REGULATION OF FATTY ACID METABOLISM Introduction: Fatty acids are produced by acetyl-CoA by its transformation to malonyl-COA by various known as fatty acid synthases and this takes place in cytoplasm.Acetyl-COA is fuether transformed into various fats molecules taken from carbohydrates through a process known as glycolytic pathway.This pathway basically requires glycerol along with three fatty acid molecules to form a structure called as neutral fats or triglycerols.Two fatty acid molecules basically

  • Earwax Research Paper

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    dryer or a towel to dry the ear. 10. Omega-3 acids Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency may cause accumulated earwax inside of the ear canal. Start consuming more omega-3 acids to solve the problems with excessive earwax. • Consult a doctor of how much omega-3 fatty acids supplements you should take. • Eat more walnuts, avocados, sardines, herring albacore, cod liver oil, flaxseed, salmon and mackerel since these food products are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Extra tips • Pointed objects inside of the

  • Lipase Lab Report

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    diagnostics. Their basic activity is to convert fats into fatty acids and glycerol. These enzymes are water soluble in nature. They also convert polar solvents into more lipolytic substances. In 1856, a scientist name claude Bernard has identified lipase [1]. Lipases are serine hydrolases containing G-X1-S-X2-G sequences as the catalytic part of the particle, where G = glycine, S = serine, X1 = histidine, X2 = glutaminic or aspartic acid. Such structure is characteristic also for serine proteases

  • Making Soap Essay

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    triacylglycerol, saponification, surfactant, micelle. Answer: Triacylglycerol – An ester derived from glycerol and three fatty acids (from tri- and glyceride). Triglycerides are the main constituents of body fat in humans and other animals, as well as vegetable fat. Saponification – A process that produces soap, usually from fats and lye. Soaps are sodium or potassium salts of long chain fatty acids. When triglycerides in fat/oil react with aqueous NaOH or KOH, they are converted into soap and glycerol. This

  • Health Benefits Of Pecans Research Paper

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    15 Astounding Health Benefits of Pecans Pecans are a type of edible nuts and have a distinct fatty taste. They belong to the hickory family and are very popular in North America and Mexico. They are actually fruits enclosed in a hard shell and are eaten fresh. They are rich in carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins and are widely used in desserts and various bakery products. Pecans are available in various sizes like small, large etc. They are available as whole pecans, halves and are also sold

  • Olive Oil Benefits

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    The health benefits of olive oil for humans are clear and well-documented. Adding olive oil to your own diet, however, may have led you to wonder, can cat 's eat olive oil? The answer is yes, and doing so can improve their health in a myriad of ways. Here 's a look at why not only can cat 's eat olive oil but why some of them absolutely should. Hairballs Cats groom themselves a lot and ingest large amounts of hair while doing so. Some of this hair simply passes through their digestive system and

  • The Dangers And Effects Of The Palm Oil Industry

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    INTRODUCTION Palm oil industry is an industry that produces various things with palm oil, such as chocolate, chewing gum, lipstick, soap, biodiesel, etc. Palm oil can be beneficial and problematic towards us. What most people know the benefits of palm oil is that, it is good for your health; reduce risk of having heart diseases and it can increase our “good” cholesterol which is the HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol. High-density Lipoprotein means that it is preservative. Moreover, palm

  • Aromatherapy Benefits

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    An essential oil is a liquid that is obtained through the distillation process. This liquid is extracted from different parts of a plant, i.e. its roots, its leaves, its stems, and its bark. Don 't let the name throw you; essential oils aren 't really oils at all, and they don 't leave you with an oily sensation either. Because essential oils are extracted from plant material, they often contain the nutritional essence of the plants themselves. In concentrated form, these essential oils can impart

  • Cholesterol Assignment

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    Lipid Readings & Assignment This lab consists of three parts that totals 50 points. Students should save this lab assignment to their desktop in a word document. The file then needs to be uploaded into Canvas by the due date after all questions are answered. Part 1: Cholesterol Background Information: Use your textbook, lecture notes, slide presentation and the link provided to answer the questions below. Click on the following link to access additional information on cholesterol. http://www

  • Sugarless Gum Benefits

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    There are many both oral and other health benefits correlated with chewing sugarless gum. Some of these oral benefits include fresher breath, protection from cavities, improvement of eating habits, increasing of salivary flow. Obviously, chewing sugar-free gum prohibits bacteria, causing better breath, stability from cavities, prevention of tooth decay, and stronger tooth enamel. Recent studies have demonstrated that chewing sugarless gum can restrict food cravings and assists in preventing the

  • Summary: Negative Effects Of The Fat Acceptance Movement

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    The Negative Effects of the Fat Acceptance Movement Nour Bazzi Lebanese American University Abstract The fat acceptance movement is a social organization, which main goals are to challenge fat stereotypes, encourage acceptance at any size and alter the cultural biases of overweight people, but this movement has been demonstrating slight prosperity in its results and instead it is causing negative side effects in society. The fat acceptance movement is encouraging unhealthy lifestyle in

  • Personal Narrative: My Tea Tree Oil

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    There are times when I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my skin care regime, and when this happens a breakout isn’t far behind. Do I worry about it? Well, not so much. When you have a bottle of Tea Tree Oil in your skin care arsenal, clear skin is on the way! Tea Tree Oil has the ability to help the skin to heal, from acne to skin rashes and beyond, this essential oil is a natural product that does garner good results. When my skin is in need of a fix, I reach for my Tea Tree Oil; I combine no more

  • Persuasive Essay About Being A Chef

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    Being a chef goes above and beyond what the average person might expect. Beginning a journey into the culinary arts and making a career out of it requires endless hours of practice as well as laborious work. While many people come into the world with an intuition of what flavors that pair naturally and how to assort them, in the current state of the profession, the stress remains integral on having the right qualifications (“What Does a”). This, however, makes up only one of the key aspects; you

  • Personal Narrative: Completing The Monkey Bar

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    as if someone was crushing my lungs, I could not breathe. My heart raced and my palms began to sweat. Then, Jared-- a tall, gangly, white boy--realized that my name had the word “fat” in it, he encouraged the other kids to start calling me fat or fatty; and soon enough I started to believe them. At that moment, while they all snickered and smirked, I had started to weep, a little girl weep. Utterly rejected, I ran to the bathroom and stayed there until recess was over. The bullying went on for weeks

  • Advantages Of Hemp Oil

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    Hemp seeds include 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids, with 9-11% saturated fatty acids. That is a particularly fascinating ratio, as polyunsaturated fatty acids are the sort which we require, and are sometimes discovered missing in our trendy diets. Treatment for Dry Pores and skin Hemp oil is enormously lubricating, and that is why it 's a prime pores

  • Vegetarian Disadvantages

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    unsaturated fats - such as olive oil, peanut oil and sunflower oil which helps to lower the blood cholesterol and heart disease. Disadvantages of vegetarian diet Vegetarian diet doesn’t have enough calcium from diary products or essential fatty acids from fish or folic acid from grains. It also lacks in protein, which is essential to protect from immune system and builds muscle mass. Vegetarians generally suffer from malnutrition. Vitamin B12 is only found in meat, fish, eggs and milk. It is important for

  • Persuasive Speech On Power Napping

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    Consider power napping This next trick might seem a little counterintuitive. If you browse sleeping tips online, you are sure to find ton of them telling you to stop napping. But I’ll try to convince you of the opposite: power napping regularly to sleep better at night. A light nap during the day can help you sleep better at night because it ensures you aren’t overtired when night comes. The key to a good napping that doesn’t disrupt your normal sleeping cycle is to: • Nap during the early afternoon

  • Why People Become Overweight

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    weight, get fat or get fatter. Starting your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast and consuming another low calorie, balanced meal every 3-4 hours will help increase your metabolism and help you avoid putting on extra pounds and getting fatter. Fatties Only Give A Shit About