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  • Disadvantages Of Gsm And 3g

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    done on GSM and 3G networks. It has been noticed that a lot of research work has been done on GSM and 3G in the past few years. It is because these two are the most important way of telecommunication at the present. This term paper provides review about the working of GSM and 3G. It also provides GSM architecture. The requirements for their setups and key elements etc. Downfall of GSM and people shifting to 3G. This term paper provides with advantages, disadvantages and challenge of GSM and 3G.

  • Essay On GPS Tracking System

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    An Implemented new idea of GPS Tracking System Sunjida Sultana1, Mahdia Tahsin2,Tasmia Reza3 and Md. Hossam-E-Haider4 Department of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering Military Institute of Science and Technology Dhaka, Bangladesh s_sunjida@yahoo.com1, mahdia0369@gmail.com2, tsm_rz@yahoo.com3, haider8400@yahoo.com4 Abstract— Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to determine the precise location of vehicles, persons or other assets and to record their position at regular intervals

  • Technology Impact On Mobile Communication

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    The impact of mobile technologies has been immense. Mobile communication is now viewed as a necessity and is one of the fastest growing and most demanding technologies around the globe. Mobile systems have evolved over time to support number of facilities apart from voice services. Since about 40% of mobile subscribers already carry cellular phones, these devices are uniquely positioned to integrate the incoming generation of mobile data applications. The potential for technologies that deliver

  • Aircel Company Essay

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    Aircel Tele ventures Limited (ATL), a subsidiary company of Sterling InfoTech Ltd. (SIL), the flagship company of Sterling Group. In April 1999,SCL began offering GSM cellular services in the Tamil Nadu Circle. In October 1999, SCL changed its name to Aircel Limited. In 2003, Aircel Tele ventures Ltd. acquired RPG cellular services Ltd. – the GSM operator in Chennai Circle and renamed it as Aircel Cellular Limited (ACL) which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Aircel Limited) Aircel commenced operations

  • Mobile Generation Essay

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    The analog 1G is replaced by fully digital 2G network. Commercially 2G networks first began on the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). In 19 September 19912G on GSM standards was first used in commercial practice by Radiolinja. The three primary profits over their ancestors were that phone conversations were digitally encrypted; 2G systems were considerably more efficient on the spectrum allowing

  • Wireless Communication Technology: First Generation (1G)

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    III. First Generation (1G) The introduction towards the cellular technology lies under the category of the First generation (1G) wireless communication technology that uses analog for its transmission which started in the 1980s. They are called the “brick phones” and the “bag phones”. (Chakraborty, 2013). It is based on the Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS), Nordisk Mobile Telephony (NMT) and Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) (Sarmistha Mondal, N.D.). The AMPS developed by the Bell Labs, uses

  • 4g Mobile Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Introduction 4G, short for fourth generation, is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 4G is the new and improved version of 3G. The internet speeds of 4G are five times faster. The internet connection is stronger and the internet speed will not suddenly slow down. There are already loads of phones available that can connect to 4G networks, while all the big new smartphones of the future will be compatible. Now, 4G will be a fully IP-based integrated system and support

  • Microcell Research Paper

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    1.4.2 Microcell A microcell is a cell in a mobile phone network served by a low power cellular base station (tower), covering a limited area such as a mall, a hotel, or a transportation hub.A microcell uses power control to limit the radius of its coverage area. Typically the range of a microcell is less than two kilometres wide, whereas standard base-stations may have ranges of up to 35 kilometres (22 mi). A picocell, on the other hand, is 200 meters or less, and a femtocell is on the order of

  • Importance Of Telecommunication Services

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    CHAPTER 1 MOBILE PHONE SERVICES: AN INTRODUCTION ================================================================= Services sector plays an important role in the life of every person. People make use of a vast variety of services ranging from most sophisticated Information Technology (IT) to unorganized services like domestic help and rickshaw pullers. Services make a significant contribution to the quality of life of people. Communication has been one of the most important aspects of the growth

  • Airtel Case Study

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    1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Airtel Ghana is auxiliary of an Indian information transfers organization that works in 20 nations crosswise over South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands. It works a GSM system in all nations, giving 2G or 3G administrations relying on the nation of. The vision of Airtel is to be internationally appreciated for telecom benefits that; Delight clients, Targeted by top gifts and Benchmarked by more business. Airtel items and administrations are ordered into three individual

  • Pestel Analysis Of Nokia

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    on to branch out to notable sectors including telecommunications and mobile phones. In 1998, Nokia rise through the ranks and became the market leader for mobile phones (Nokia, 2017). The first Global System for Mobile Communications also known as GSM handset that Nokia produced earlier in 1991 was the Nokia 1101. Not long after the phone was released, it became very well-liked and accepted by the market. Nokia also went on to forge partnership with Microsoft to use Windows as operating software

  • The Dangers Of Social Media

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    Ever since the internet was first brought up to the world, it has been criticized by many and been spoken well of by many. In order to reach a conclusion, both points of view must be analyzed; the internet has positive impacts and negative impacts but the questions we should ask ourselves are: Do the negative impacts present a threat to our society? Are there enough benefits that the threats are nullified? The internet brings many benefits to the world that facilitate people’s lives in many ways

  • Advancement In Wireless Communication

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    1.1 ADVANCEMENT IN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION At present communication technologies have turn into an extremely essential fraction of person existence. Wireless communication systems have release new magnitude in communications. Wireless communication provides assure of portability, mobility, and accessibility. Even though wired communication carries more stability, superior presentation, and superior dependability, it arrives with the requirement of organism limited to a confident position or a enclosed

  • Objectives, Problem And Solution: Nokia

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    NOKIA- OBJECTIVES,PROBLEM AND SOLUTION Nokia is a leading electronics company engaged in the fields of network infrastructure, location based technologies and other advanced technologies. With its headquesrters in Espoo, Finland Nokia has developed into a multinational company with its operations spanning across internaitonal borders. Nokia has three fields of expertise:  Nokia Networks which form a part of their infrastructure business;  HERE, which consists of the location intelligence

  • Argumentative Essay On Modern Cars

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    Now the cars have more technologies than the ole models. The modern vehicles embedeed with marvellous engineering, but the people might be worried about driving the cars by understanding all of its modern features. The too much techology in new cars can result to be a bad scenario. According to the recent analysis, many people share their opinion that the maodern cars are becoming too much complicated and making it more annoying in different ways. But the goal is, when you're in a car, you still

  • Advantages Of 4g Technology

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    1. Introduction: Information and communication technology includes wide range of devices like radio, television, cellular phones, computer hardware, software, network and all applications associated with them such as videoconferencing, teleconferencing, e-commerce and distance learning. The telecommunications industry all over the world has constricted to bring all the services and facilities available to networked computers to mobile devices using advanced wireless communication technologies. 3G

  • Compare And Contrast Essay On 1984 By George Orwell

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    In the united states today the government has so much power than what people may think. They have control over innocent citizens. The kind of power the government has over us has gotten to a limit where now they know where we are at and all of our private information safe on our cell phones. George Orwell’s novel 1984 gives a great example of how the government controls the people. In the novel they tell us about the government from Oceania, and how they control every single second of the citizens’

  • The Impact Of Cell Phones On Communication

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    Cellphones is also known as cellular phone; it is a transportable telephone that sends and receives radio signals through a network. Cellphone has a huge impact on people because it plays a major role in our daily communication; especially it helps us connect to other people easier. It gives us a chance of having access to different ability like keeping in touch with our family members, businesses relationships and more while we are in different places. However before the use of cell phone, people

  • Why I Want To Go To Singapore Essay

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    How have you been? I was so thrilled when my mother told me that you will be coming to Singapore. It has been six years since we last met and I cannot wait to see you! Firstly, congratulations on your successful application to SHATEC. I bet you must be very excited and happy about that and so are we! Spoiler alert, when you arrive in Singapore we will hold a small party for you. I understand that it is not easy for a foreigner like you to study in another country alone for such a long period of

  • External Environmental Factors That Influenced Sony's Innovation

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    1. Discuss the external environmental factors that influenced Sony’s innovation? Political factor Political factors bring direct impact on the Sony know that government every week will have a meeting. When have meeting that mean something will change. Government new decision will bring affect to Sony daily business that involving policy or legislation. For example, government every year will always set minimum wage law, this affect the Sony product cost are keep changing. This brings