Jobless recovery Essays

  • Argumentative Essay On Unemployment

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    Unemployment happens when individuals are without work and effectively looking for work.[1] The unemployment rate is a measure of the pervasiveness of unemployment and it is figured as a rate by separating the quantity of unemployed people by all people presently in the work power. Amid times of recession, an economy more often than not encounters a generally high unemployment rate.[2] According to International Labor Organization report, more than 200 million individuals universally or 6% of the

  • Unemployment Impact On Family

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    In today’s society being unemployed impacts greatly on almost every aspect of an individual’s life and depending on their personal circumstances, it is likely to impact on other family member lives too. Unemployment is really a big problem for all the countries in the world. The rate of unemployment is growing up and it threatens to the development of the country. In the scope of the family, living on a low income can bring multiple stresses such as food and fuel poverty, debt, dispossession, and

  • Job Satisfaction: A Conceptual Framework

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    CHAPTER-1 JOB SATISFACTION (A conceptual framework) JOB SATISFACTION (A conceptual framework) INTRODUCTION Job satisfaction has been an interesting subject for managers and academicians for many years. It influences the efficiency of employees thereby it determines the effectiveness of organizations. Interestingly, it is an intangible and qualitative variable. It relates to feelings, emotions and expressions. Thus, it is a psychological aspect of expression of an attitude. Attitude

  • The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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    What’s going to happen to all of the unemployed? How much longer will we have these jobs till we’re replaced? Are they doing more harm than good? These are questions that people ask when they think about robots and how technology is advancing. I believe that while there are bad things that happen from robots as a person who is going to school for computer science and technology I believe that these robots can do well, I just think that we shouldn’t let them control everything. One of the main reasons

  • Structural Unemployment

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    Unemployment means unemployed people who are at legal age and jobless but actively looked for work in the past four weeks. They will not be counted in the labour force if they don't keep looking. Frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, cyclical unemployment, demand deficient unemployment and classical unemployment are the causes of unemployment. Even in a healthy economy, frictional and structural unemployment will also occur. Frictional unemployment Frictional unemployment is transitional

  • The Procrastination: The Silent Dream Killer

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    The Silent Dream Killer The best way to get something done is to begin. But, when should one begin? Human beings, in their daily living are piled up with responsibilities and workloads to be accomplished and be satisfied. Because of these assemblages of tasks and workloads, people tend to put off, defer and shirk from doing anything, mainly because of just not wanting to do anything or may be because of other more important things to do. All people have been plagued by procrastination at a certain

  • Teacher Job Satisfaction Essay

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    Literature review Literature review is separated into the following themes: what is job satisfaction, concept of job satisfaction in relation to teaching, job dissatisfaction, job characteristics, meaningfulness of job, secondary school, government secondary school, community government school, Non government school, significance of job, research design methodology theories of motivation and factors influence job satisfaction of teachers, the work itself, pay, promotion, work group, relationship

  • Pestel Analysis Of Pest Analysis In The Philippines

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    Chan, Abrian Gerwin Manahan, Jacinto Raphael 3 TE-2 PESTEL Analysis Political Factors The Philippine government is not reliable since it is not stable and has a lot of corruption. ¹There is a law about startup companies called the R.A 9178 also known as the Barangay Micro Business Enterprise that supports companies that have a total asset of 3,000,000 and below. The companies supported by this law will be exempted from income taxes and minimum wage laws. This law will greatly help us in building

  • Disadvantages Of Being A Freelancer

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    This is probably the most common prejudice about freelancers and the most frequent scenario they go through. What do you do for a living? I’m a freelancer. Oh, that’s great! You’re your own boss, you can work whenever you want, you can travel a lot… That’s awesome! Yes, it is. However, most people usually don’t see the other side of the coin. There are many advantages of working as a freelancer, but there are some not that visible negative sides. Freelancers are completely in charge of every aspect

  • Factors Affecting Unemployment In Spain

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    Unemployment is defined as “people of working age who are without work, available for work, and actively seeking employment.” ( There are many factors that will affect the unemployment rate such as, exchange rates, costs of raw materials, and international economic conditions (Blink & Dorton). Unemployment is becoming a major threat in many countries. Spain is an example of how unemployment is a big factor of causing the economy to slow down. The rich are getting richer, and the poor

  • Problem Of Unemployment Essay

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    Unemployment Unemployment is when a person is actively searching for employment but is unable to find work. Unemployment is sometimes used as a measure of the health of the economy. They often call that the unemployment rate. This is the number of unemployed people divided by the total number of people living in that country. Employment The officially registered working population. So everyone who works at least 12 hours a week in the formal sector and is between the age of 15 and 65. This is

  • Shalimar Paints Swot Analysis

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    SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: 1. In-house production without any outsourcing and highly reliable suppliers has helped to maintain superior quality products 2. Strong inventory control: APs average inventory level is 30 days sales against 50 days for the industry 3. They offer customized products as per the requirements 4. Superior technologies deployed to achieve maintain the competitive edge for eg. Supply chain management system that integrates plants, regional distribution centers, outside processing

  • Causes Of Unemployment In Cameroon

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    Unemployment is situation in which a person who is able to work, actively seeking work, but is unable to find any. We cannot say someone is unemployed when all these conditions are not fulfilled. Statistics on unemployment are collected and analysed by government labour offices in most countries or by physical observation in other countries especially in the less developed world. There is never a situation of zero unemployment because of fact people are constantly changing their jobs and may be unemployed

  • Unemployment In Malaysia Analysis

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    1.0 Introduction Unemployment occurs when an individual who are not in employment and who are either in the process of moving to a new job or who are unable to find work(citation????????). There are two categories of unemployment which is voluntary and involuntary unemployment. Voluntary Unemployment is when there is a job available but the unemployed person is unwilling to accept it at the prevailing wage rate while Involuntary Unemployment is when a person is willing to work at the prevailing wage

  • Importance Of Employability In Malaysia

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    Introduction In recent years, unemployment is an essential issue for every nation, particularly underdeveloped nation with a vast population. According to Malaysian Labor Force Survey, the definition of unemployment is the unemployed include individual who has working availability but did not work during a reference period. They might looking for work actively or vise versa in the period.High unemployment means that the nation do not have use their labor resources efficiently. Every year, a large

  • Cause And Effect Of Unemployment Essay

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    macroeconomic problems which is becoming the biggest barrier in the development of countries worldwide. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), which is a unit of the United States Department of Labour, defines unemployed people as those who are jobless and have actively looked for work in the past four weeks. If they don't keep looking for a job, the BLS doesn't count them in the labor force. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), over 210 million people in the world today are

  • Causes Of Poverty In Liberia

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    What causes poverty? Poverty is not only in Africa, but all over the world. Each day the economic keeps getting harder and harder. As things get difficult people are losing their jobs, education path and family from thirst of water and hunger. Life is not easy that why everybody acts greedy to share with people around them. Nobody chooses to be poor, but most of the time because of the choices we make can make our life difficult. Hardship is the beginning of starting a career. The government plays

  • Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

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    Job satisfaction shows how much an employee likes his work as well as the level of his preoccupation with work. Generally, it can be stated that job satisfaction is a sense of comfort and positive experience that an employee have related to his job. Job satisfaction can affect work behavior, and through that, the organizational performance. For a long time job satisfaction has been viewed as a unique concept, but today it is seen as a very complex cluster of attitudes towards different aspects of

  • Unemployment In Kenya Essay

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    Unemployment Unemployment is referred to those people who are in the labor force had tried to search for job in the past four weeks but they cannot get a job. There are three types of unemployment which is frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, and cyclical unemployment. There are the reasons such as the rapid change in technology, recessions, inflation, and undulating business cycle and so on cause unemployment. The measurement for unemployment is unemployment rate which is the percentages

  • Modern Life Negative Effects

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    The urbanization and technology have negative influences on families. I believed that modern life has been putting a lot pressure on individual’s family. Nowadays, many parents are businessman and businesswoman who usually leave home early and come home late, whom will send their child to day care centre that result in lack of time to take care of their children. Besides that, parents who have a hectic lifestyle may lead to mental and physical degeneration which caused by the long-term depression