Kennedy Center Honors Essays

  • Willy Loman Present Time Analysis

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    Death of A Salesman, written by Arthur Miller in 1949, follows an aged salesman, Willy Loman, as he struggles to accept the reality of his failing career and misguided life principles. In this essay, I will examine the structure of the play and how Miller has used time and space to reveal character, present Willy’s faulty ideals, and foreshadow. The play is broken into two acts and a requiem: each segment takes place on a different day in the present day, within the world of the play. For the purpose

  • Synthesis Essay On Honor Code

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    Cheating, plagiarizing, and taking credit for another’s work is usually frowned upon, but the honor code was created to prevent these acts from occurring. Honor codes are different from school to school and are commonly not followed. The honor system was created to convey that when you lie about accomplishing something yourself, you will be penalized for it. Honor code systems should be revised because of the lack of student involvement, the lack of confidentiality, and the burdensome consequences

  • Kim's Convenience Character Analysis

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    In the play Kim’s Convenience, the store has always been at the heart of the discussion. Time again, Appa made it clear that he wants his children to one day take over and continue the family business. His expectations seem to linger throughout the story, never letting go and always finding Its way into the conversation. However, the problem within the Kim family touches on the internal conflict that people from all walks of life have once seen or felt. The dialogue about character provides an inspiring

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Everyone Is Equal Speech

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    Current president Barack Obama gives a speech at Wakefield high school in Arlington, Virginia. The main theme is “everyone is equal and have the same opportunities”. Nothing comes easy in life and you have to work hard for it. The intention of the speech is to motivate the American students. Do your homework, take responsibility for your life and take your school seriously. Not only for the purpose of yourself, but also for America’s future. Make students believe in them self and fight for it, whether

  • Theme Of Trust In Othello

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    Shakespeare’s Othello chronicles the downfall of a noble Moor, Othello, who is deceived by a man he considers his friend, Iago. Throughout the course of the play, Iago toys with Othello and eventually leads him to murder and lose his love, his new wife Desdemona. Iago exploits the unquestioned trust Othello places in him to achieve evil ends. As such, trust is a central theme in the story. In this paper, I will explore the contributing factors as to why Othello places more trust in Iago than he does

  • Social Work Self Reflection

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    Over the semester I have learned many new aspects of social work that have helped deepen my understanding of what social work is really about. This course has taught me things that will help me become a better person and will also help me with my future working with children. Self reflection is a key skill to have when working in social work. We need to understand how we are, and our social location, influence everything we do with social work. My beliefs and values would be beneficial for being

  • Giovani And Lusanna Analysis

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    Although the story of Giovani & Lusanna takes place over half a millennium ago, human interaction and relationships has only evolved marginally. This story escorts the reader through the court case of Giovanni & Lusanna’s marriage dispute, but during this story the witnesses and their descriptions paint an image of the social structure of Italy during the early modern period. The most vivid descriptions presented by witnesses are that of class relations, marriage, and social traditions. One core

  • The True Hero In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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    “The more I saw them, the greater my desire to claim their protection and kindness; my heart yearned to be known and loved by these amiable creatures: to see their sweet looks directed toward me with affection” (Shelley 86). These are the motivating words that a hero needs to hear to encourage him to embark on his journey. These are the words that prepare the hero for what is to come as he takes this leap of faith. Frankenstein's monster is the true hero of this story in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

  • The Tall Woman Analysis

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    Mrs. Tall in the story The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband should be a big role model for any “diverse" person single or married. Being a role model to all people can change a person’s life you will see this at the last paragraph how the thinking of the tailor’s wife was changed. The patience, devotion, stress, and hospitable traits of Mrs. Tall make her a divine seamless person to describe. The first characteristic of Mrs. Tall is her hospitable attitude towards people. This happens in the story

  • Power In R. K. Narayan's The Ramayana

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    Corruption has been a theme throughout history with people in power. These people try to work this system to gain more power; others make the most out of the power they have. History repeats itself in the system of kingship depicted in The Ramayana, an epic by Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer Narayanaswami (R.K. Narayan). Some characters seek to possess the most power possible in their lifetimes, while others are content with the power they have and focus on their duty. In the epic, the people who are

  • Code Of Engineering Ethics

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    SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA DISASTER Seham Binouf Ibrahim ID: 201210112 Study program: (BSEEE) Email: Asmae Bornak ID: 201310299 Study program: (BSCSE) Email: Alaa Samir Halawani ID: 201310036 Study program :( BSEEE) Email: 1. ABSTRACT: This project is written to discuss the physical reasons and the ethics behind the loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its seven crew. 2. INTRODUCTION On 16th of January

  • Annotated Bibliography On Apollo 13

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    Annotated Bibliography: Trevor Hudock, Apollo 13 Atkinson, Nancy. "13 Things That Saved Apollo 13, Part 1: Timing."Universe Today. 09 Apr. 2010. 30 Sept. 2015. April 13, 1970 was the night the oxygen tank in Apollo 13 exploded, 55 hours, 55 minutes away from Earth. If Apollo 13 was any further away at the time of the incident, the astronauts most likely would’ve not survived. The issue was that the O2 tank was not designed properly by the manufacturer, and that when they conducted a stir

  • Old Shipwreck Research Paper

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    Finding Definitive Answers David Eggleston, director of the Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST) at NC State, and Van Dover reached out to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in an effort to identify the lost ship and pinpoint an exact age of the vessel. This will be done by further

  • Essay On Andromeda Strain

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    The Andromeda strain did not have as good of an ending that the rest of the book deserves. There was so much more to explain in the book that the ending felt as if the author, Michael Crichton, got bored and needed a quick ending. For example, on pg. 356, the scientists, list names, find that the Andromeda strain has gone over all of Los Angeles without one case of a bizarre death or disease. It seems that the whole book, the whole plot and build-up, had crashed with as simple of an ending as that

  • Space Shuttle Challenger Case Study

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    consent, and the responsibility of the personnel could be discussed and evaluated. B. Background of the incident[1] On 28 January 1986 at 11:38am EST, space shuttle challenger flight STS-51L consists of seven astronauts whom depart for a mission from Kennedy space centre in Florida, United States. Unfortunately, after seventy-three seconds

  • Space Science Personal Statement

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    When I was in the fifth grade, I heard about the unfortunate disintegration of the space shuttle Columbia and the demise of the first Indian Female Astronaut Kalpana Chawla and the other crew members in it. The media coverage of that incidence had a huge impact upon me. I was inspired to read and collect newspaper cuttings of issues related to space science and technology. Around the same time, I went to a school trip to the Nehru Planetarium and was bedazzled by the view of night sky. When I was

  • Ronald Reagan Challenger Disaster Rhetorical Analysis

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    focused a lot on the individuals that lost someone due to this dismal occurrence. One thing that he said specifically to those close to the astronauts was, “Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace” (3). He said this to honor the astronauts and explicate how wondrous the seven astronauts were. Another point that he stated that included the entire country was, “They served all of us” (3). These statements address the country as a whole and target those that were in desperate

  • Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Essay

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    The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster INTRODUCTION The purpose of this entry is to discuss and explain the human factors were involved with the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986. Minutes after the launch, the shuttle exploded causing the vehicle to be destroyed with all its crew members. The GDSS that was used by NASA had a flawed database, as well as the inability for the members to vote anonymously was discouraged which if it wasn 't it could have prevented the tragedy

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Apollo 1

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    On January 27, 1967 disaster struck for NASA, and America. The first Apollo manned aircraft with the set lunar destination caught fire once deployed. Unfortunately the crew of three did not survive the horrific event. Being the first manned aircraft that NASA’s Apollo program deployed it had significant influence on it’s viewers, and on the space agency. The failure of Apollo 1 was NASA’s first attempt at greatness. Their way of dealing with the public was carefully thought through. Through heart

  • The Blue Lagoon In The Caribbean

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    If you’ve ever had the chance to watch the 1980’s movie “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields, you might know that the blue lagoon in the movie is stunning. I had the chance to go to Jamaica with my family and see it with my own eyes, it wasn’t only beautiful it was also a bit magical. The blue lagoon in Jamaica has to be the coolest thing i've ever seen in nature. We were staying in a place called Port Antonio when a guy from the hotel told us that the blue lagoon of the movie was really close