Licentiate Essays

  • Duties Of A Registered Nurse Essay

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    Role, duties and responsibilities as a registered Nurse or Staff Nurse Registered nurse duties different according to the areas of the expertise. They carry along a central role in promoting the wellness by performing a full range of services. A registered Nurse mainly focuses on caring for educating the patients and their family members about early recovery and ways of prevention of diseases. Hence, nurses assess patients’ health problems and needs, develop and execute nursing care plans and maintain

  • Physical Therapist Research Paper

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    Physical Therapist (John F. Kennedy) once said,“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” When she was in 6th grade her aunt had work at Schultz Chiropractic Center. She would always watch how she treat her patients and she was so amazed of the great massage that she was giving to her patients. The career of a physical therapist is a difficult and big responsibility because the new patients and fixing

  • Essay On Honor Society

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    The Honor Society helped me stay motivated while enrolled in the Washington State University (WSU) Mechanical Engineering Program. I made the decision to go back to school and earn my Mechanical Engineering degree. It was a difficult decision at the time as I was working fulltime as a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Programmer in the aerospace industry and my husband and I had just had a baby. I realized that engineering was my passion and I would do whatever it took to earn the degree. I had already

  • Dorothea Orem's Theory: Needs And Self-Care Deficit Theory

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    Dorothea Orem was a needs and self-care theorist. She earned her diploma and Bachelor of Science and Nursing in the 1930s, her Master of Science and Nursing in 1945, and earned an honorary Doctorate in 1976 and 1980 (Meleis, 2012). Her philosophy of nursing was that patients can heal and recover quicker when they are able to take care of themselves. Her definition of nursing as stated in Theoretical Nursing Development & Progress is “nursing is art, a helping service and a technology” (Meleis, 2012)

  • Future Family Therapist

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    For my future career I would like to be a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). A Marriage and Family Therapist are mental health professionals who are licensed and train to help families with mental, physical, and emotional problems dealing with marriage and family. There job is to help clients identify problems in a marriage or family and try to help fix the problem. Marriage and Family Therapist also help them to learn new ways of coping with problems and communicating so that they can express

  • The Influence Of Active Listening In Social Work

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    Social work interviews are purposeful conversations between practitioners and clients designed to facilitate cooperative working relationships by focusing on needs, wants, problems, resources, and solutions. They include attention to both verbal and nonverbal expression (listening, responding, body positioning, facial expressions, and gestures). Skills utilized are also influenced by setting and purpose. (Bibliographies, 2015) Preparing for this interview with a client who was 59 years old and

  • Importance Of Effective Decision Making

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    Effective Decision Making Decision making is an important requisite for management and leadership. Through decision making, people are able to make decisions of quality. However, decision making alone will not suffice. A person should be able to have a problem solving skill as these two are closely linked with each other. If problem solving and decision making are used skillfully, people are able to become creative in indentifying solutions for problems which require a mixture of skills. Vasilescu

  • Narrative Essay On Power Surge

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    Power Surge The wave of power, the feeling of power, the black power that is, and the surge was like a wave coming in from ocean on a moon lit light, came in like a wave in troubled waters. The feeling was like that of Eva Peron. I was staring on the ocean. I could feel the oncoming of every individual coming on. It seems to push the crowd closer to the stage. I could feel that we as black people had reached a plateau that we had reached as slaves. Today, it was our decision to be there, in

  • Importance Of Occupational Therapy

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    Occupational therapy is help patients or clients or customers to independently engage in activity of daily living maximum as before injury or live with the disability. Occupational therapy is a profession that uses functioning activities such as cooking, gardening, drawing and other to treat and cure patient in physically, mentally and socially. Occupational therapy is a profession that use client centered approaches that ask patient what they want and their priorities. Occupational therapists and

  • Motivation Statement For Motivation In Nursing

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    The motivation to pursue a career in nursing has always seemed to be part of who I am, and some of my earliest memories are of my mom and her grandma, both registered nurses, talking about being a nurse and caring for others. Inspiration from my mom and great-grandmother was complimented by one of the biggest inspirations in my life, my cousin Jacob. I was just eight years old, but still vividly remember Jacob being born and visiting him for the first time in the hospital. Jacob was born with Downs

  • The Fae Slums: A Short Story

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    The Fae Slums grew in the gaps and cracks in the tapestry of Madrience, the side alleys and crumbling blocks left to rot away by human society. The trash-strewn alleys offered one of the few refuges to the fae who were otherwise rejected and thrown out of society. The area received no funding from the government, and the jobs that were available for the fae did not pay enough for them to fix up the area on their own. But even in the desolate impoverishment of the slums a few buildings provided shelter

  • Persuasive Essay On Why College Isn T For Everyone

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    College Isn’t for Everyone "By telling all young people that they should go to college no matter what, we are actually doing some of them a disservice" (Owen). This quote from “Brookings Paper: Is College a Good Investment” goes into detail about how college isn’t for everyone. By educators, parents, and authority figures telling graduating high school seniors that college is necessary, they are limiting the potential of that student’s true skills. College isn’t right for everyone and not everyone

  • New College Hires Case Study

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    Question 1: What were the two most common reasons that new college hires were fired in the early 1990’s? What are the two most common reasons today? Why have these reasons changed? Provide statistics from the reading to back your first two answers. The most two most common reason why new college hires are fired in the 1990s is because the new hires failed to take the initiative, and failed to follow instructions. It is seen today it’s quite the opposite, new hires in todays’ age are being fired

  • Reflective Essay On Prejudice

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    In my lifetime, I have experienced a lot of things, including prejudice and discrimination which have influenced my choices for these questions. Prejudices are opinions one person has about another person, and how that person judges them. Discrimination is basically prejudice, but you are adding some kind of physical factor to the play now. I know I have some prejudices, I prefer some things over others, and I can be really disgusted according to the situation. Just because you like something others

  • Critical Thinking Development

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    Critical Thinking Development Critical thinking can have different meanings, depending on the person. To me, critical thinking means advancing ones thinking to the level that one can properly certain situations and self-examine, as well as take a more in-depth view of the world’s complexities. Developing one’s critical thinking takes more than simply understanding the components of critical thinking. Studying and demonstrating the components help to better understand the concept and improve one’s

  • Why Is Math Important In Everyday Life

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    Mathematics is a discipline whose basic ingredients are numbers, shapes, and algebraic relationships. Logical reasoning is used to study the properties of these objects and develop connections between them. The results can be used to understand and analyze a vast array of phenomena arising in all of the sciences, engineering and everyday life. For this reason, mathematics is often called the "language of science.” We support mathematics achievement for all learners by providing guidance and technical

  • Achieving Educational Goals

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    Write a statement providing information concerning your educational goals and objectives while attending UT Arlington. Discuss your plans for using your education to achieve your personal and professional goals. Goals were introduced to me in the eighth grade, and ever since I have created an immense amount of goals that I have achieved or plan to achieve in the near future. Going into UT Arlington in the Fall I have created two-goals: 1) Through these years I have used time management and backward

  • Neonatal Nurse Research Paper

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    Neonatal nurses play an important role in health care providing devotion and love for newborns, whether infants are born with birth defects, premature, critically ill, or perfectly healthy. A few tasks neonatal nurses are required to do is to feed, change, watch the infants closely, and help provide support to the new families (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Many choices or experiences in life could lead someone to this career; such as, babysitting seeing a sick child who needs help, or even personal

  • College Education Dbq

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    Imagine you’re sitting in an office with your resume in your hand confident that you have everything that is necessary for the job you are about to interview for. It is everything you could have hoped for. It is your dream job. Despite your heart beating out of your chest, and the blood rushing to your cheeks, you go in for the interview and do amazing. You come out feeling confident. You feel like you have it in the bag, but so does the person interviewing next door. She has an almost identical

  • Compare And Contrast Ironton Vs O Kenyon

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    O’Fallon, Missouri, and Ironton, Missouri have many similarities, and differences. O’Fallon has much more to offer for one’s self unlike Ironton. Although both places are good to live in, a proper choice will depend on, job availability, affordability, and personal needs and/or wants. O’Fallon, Missouri has much more job availability for each education major. There are tons of different types of jobs you can choose to apply with such as customer services, welding, machine operator, receptionist