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  • Essay On Malay Family

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    Introduction Malay families and households in Singapore experience various socio-economic changes due to industralization. As familes and households are not fixed nor isolated from the wider society, these socio-economic changes are seen to tamper with the “ideal Malay family”. Djamour (1959) states that the “ideal Malay family” is predominantly made up of a nuclear family comprising of a married couple and children. The head of the household is the chief wage earner and is mostly the man, while

  • The Malay Customary Law (Adat)

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    The Malay laws (Adat) Malay customary law is called “adat”, is a word came from Arabic. Adat in general means a right to conduct an in common usage, it stands for a change of things all connected with proper social culture and behavior. Therefore, it will imply rules of etiquette and the ceremonies recommended for a certain occasion such as marriage as well as those customs which have legal consequences. Being the customs law at a certain time in a certain place, adat is flexible and adaptable to

  • Critical Analysis Of Walt Whitman's Song To Myself

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    In Walt Whitman's poem Song to Myself, he stresses the importance of people, but more specifically himself. This of one of egocentric poems in human history as he begins with "I celebrate myself" (1:1). In some form or another, Whitman elaborates on Me, Myself, and I in all fifty-two sections of the poem. He mentions that "Welcome is every organ and attribute of me, and of any man hearty and clean, / Not an inch is vile, and none shall be less familiar/ than the rest" (5:20-23). But as he is enjoying

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Parliamentary System

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    Parliamentary system is a general government system are used in many countries, there are two types of parliamentary democracies, the Westminster (originates from the British Houses of Parliament) and consensus systems. A parliamentary system is a bicameral system with two chambers of parliament, House of Senate and House of People. The representative mostly from the election, who won the voted. This system were divided into three component executive, legislative and judiciary. Normally parliamentary

  • Globalization Impact On Culture

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    globalization is a procedure of worldwide monetary, political and social incorporation. It has made the world turn into a small village; the outskirts have been separated between countries it is playing an undeniably imperative part in the creating nations. It can be seen that, globalization has a huge positive and negative impact mainly on culture. Not only that Globalization brought the world together but it also brought some interesting life challenges . one positive impact Globalization had

  • Analysis Of Gloria Anzaldua's Poem Borderlands

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    CRA: Anzaldua Borderlands In her poem “Borderlands,” Gloria Anzaldua strategically exposes readers to the true form of the Borderlands region as she conveys the internal incongruity that is rife with this state. As she characterizes the nature of the Borderlands, extending the idea of the Borderlands from a geographical region to an extensive social phenomenon, Anzaldua emulates an experience that is shared by many; conquered by fear. Anzaldua cogently employs the use of distinct structural elements

  • Essay About Community Identity

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    multiracial society where multiple cultural and ethnic identities are present, how does the Malay community strengthen its community identity? Community identity a being part of a person’s knowledge of themselves that concerns his or her membership in a certain community (Taylor, Peplau & Sears, 2002). One of the places that the Malay community can visit to strengthen their community is the Malay Heritage Centre. The Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) was set up in 2005 by the National Heritage Board to act as a

  • Essay About Religion In Malaysia

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    Religion Malaysia Malaysia is a multicultural country that comprises of Malays, Indians and Chinese. With the Malays being the largest community. The Malay language they use is Bahasa and they control the political fortunes of the country. Chinese make up one third of the country population, which comprise of Buddhist and Taoists, and speak different dialects. Indians would only make up 10% of the population and are mainly Hindu Tamils. Although Bahasa Malaysia is the official language, but most

  • Racial Stereotypes

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    Firstly, we believe our respondents have personal experience with the racial advantage to Malays. When asked if respondents personally believe Malays have special privileges in Malaysia, a majority of 48 (96%) agreed that they do (Haque, 2003). This was consistent with our research. As stated before, the Malaysian Federal Constitution holds specific privileges for natives and bumiputeras only (Pusat Komas Malaysia, 2015). However, we believe that our age range plays a more influential factor

  • Importance Of Racial Harmony In Malaysia

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    Our country, Malaysia is a small, tropical country that lies within South-East Asia. Although it is small, it has a number of things to boast about. And the most prominent among these things is its multiracial community. This is due to people of different races living together in harmony within the borders of this little country. This has shaped Malaysia into a melting pot of vastly different cultures and religions, creating diversity. However, the same cannot be said for the past few decades. This

  • Essay About Malaysian Language

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    Malay is a language spoken in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand. Malay comes from Austronesian languages which are divided into four groups. They are Indonesian, Malanesian, Autronesian, and Polynesian. Malay or Bahasa Melayu is a national language in Malaysia and it is used as a language instruction in education, in formal or informal settings or events. Malay and English language even differ in their origin and history. English comes from West-Germanic branch of Germanic in

  • Cause Of Racial Stereotypes

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    otherwise racial stereotype happen in every part of us in this world . The more people keep confined in their form of races, the stereotype is getting bigger and bolder stamp in earthling mind . Possibly, we are familiar with the stereotype that the Malays are lazy, the Chinese are greedy and Indians are alcoholic, although the origin behind these stereotypes are very unclear. Nowadays , out of ten Malaysians three

  • Common Law In Malaysia Case Study

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    Singapore left this newly-formed federation to become an independent republic. Brunei withdrew at the last minute. The first period in which modern Malaysian law was made was during the decentralization of Malay states (1866-1942) when the pre-war law was made. At that time, the Malay states were divided into three groups of states which are the Straits

  • Racial Racism In Brunei

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    As for the Malays which consisted the majority and accounted for half of the populations, they have endless privileges. All of these privileges can be deemed as unfair to the ethnic minorities, and thus they may end up feeling inferior. For example, the Bruneian citizens who are mostly Malays could easily get free access to education. While at the same time, for the Chinese and Indians that are non-Bruneian

  • The Pros And Cons Of Violent Conflict

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    It therefore serves as an acceptable medium language that allowed all Singaporeans to communicate and compete at the same level. On top of that, three other languages — Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, apart from English were designated as official languages in 1965 to continue multi-racialism and multi-culturalism in Singapore. Posters displayed all around Singapore contain descriptions in all four official languages, which shows

  • The Pros And Cons Of Social Contract

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    Every human being in a society has to go through certain development phases in our live. Each phases has their own contract that we need to prevail as our live moves from one stage to another. During childhood, men are bind to the filial contract with their parents and siblings as the contract is established during the bonding moment . At this stage, the terms of the contract is that the child will give the parents certain enjoyments that come with parenthood and as in return, the children will receive

  • Language Awareness In Children

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    explicit and implicit knowledge. One of the activities is use alphabet crafts of English uppercase letters to teach the Mandarin names for some animals. Another activity is finger printing on the national flag in order to learn the names of colours in Malay. The last activity for the multilingual children is learning numbers in three languages through music and

  • Essay On How To Define Diversity

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    How would you define diversity? The description of diversity is the perceptive that each individual is unique and also the individual can be expected in different categories. These can be along the element of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or other ideologies. It is the travelling around of these differences in a safe, affirmative and fostering environment. Diversity is all about on understanding each other and moving

  • Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic Motivation Essay

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    According to the definition of Oxford Dictionary, motivation is defined as ‘a reason or reasons for one to act or behave in a particular way’. In other words, motivation is the cause that explains and justifies the way in which one acts or conducts oneself. B. F Skinner’s research on behavior modification and the systematic use of rewards, introduced two types of motivations; extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. The most distinction between these two types of motivations is intrinsic motivation

  • Law In Malaysia Case Study

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    Malaysia practices a variety of law. The law is practiced in this country are as customary law, common law and Islamic law. Tradition and culture are also an important source of law in our country which is a source in the court case. History of the existence of law in our country has begun before the country reached independence. Sources of law in Malaysia is divided into two, namely the written laws and unwritten. In addition, the law also refers to the unwritten law is not enacted by the legislature