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  • Marching Band

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    What 's the Football Team doing on the Marching Field? “Ting, tong, tong, tong, ting, tong, tong, tong,” the doctor beat echos through the bitter cold October air in the early hours of a Saturday morning. It’s marching season. Band kids across northern Indiana are hard at work perfecting their show for competition that has yet to come in the afternoon. The past three months have been used to learn and fine tune their show to it 's best. Long hours of hard work, sweat, tears, dedication, time, love

  • Marching Band Narrative

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    full run-through.” The directions barely getting through your mind past the notes, rhythms, sweat, breathing, and laughter. This is music. This is family. This, is marching band. Although I haven’t been a part of it for long, the Kennesaw Mountain High School Marching Band is an unforgettable experience in my life. When people in band tell you it’s like a family, there is no exaggeration or false information being given to you. It really is a family. You have crazy “uncles”, batty “aunts”, overprotective

  • Is Marching Band A Sport

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    Marching Band as a Sport When the average person thinks of sports they think of football, soccer, baseball, hockey, or basketball. Yes those are all great sports, but what about all the others that aren 't considered sports, like marching band? Marching band should be considered a sport for many reasons. Marching band fits all the definitions for a sport (and it follows them to perfection). There are many statistics to reveal marching band is a sport and how hard the members work. As a member of

  • Marching Band Analysis

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    We’re true band geeks who love what we do We love our instruments, and band, too. For fall is marching band season, a time for woodwinds and brass to reign, For drummers to master the elusive beat, for the conductor to stand on the bandstand again The band and I — we live for our show, each other and for the show. We giggle and gripe and gossip together, we march in heat, rain, and snow. We pull all kinds of crazy stunts, try anything that sounds fun; But our spines are straight and heads erect when

  • Marching Band Benefits

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    2015 The Benefits of Participating in High School Band High school band is often looked upon as an activity where a bunch of nerds get in big, bulky, sweaty uniforms and walk around the football field during halftime all the while playing music that they have memorized. Although this is 99.9% true, marching band is much more than that and if you think about what was just stated, that takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Marching band provides students with life lessons and skills that

  • Persuasive Essay On Marching Band

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    “Liberty-Eylau High School Band, you may take the field for performance.” It is a Friday night, and the stadium lights are glaring down on the fifty-yard line. As the band marches into opening set, fans are cheering and screaming the names of certain members. Every person watching enjoys the aspects we portray, but no one truly understands what work went into making the formations they see and playing the music they hear. Although being a member of the high school’s marching band has its challenges, the

  • Marching Band Observation Report

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    thought how amazing it would be to be the one to lead the marching band, be the band director's right hand, represent the group, the one everyone looks up to. Being selected as a co-drum major, I did not realize the plethora of responsibility I would have during my first year of leading. I was not exactly respected by the entire ensemble considering I was only a junior. At that time, I was practically training for when the time came to lead the band alone. Considering that this is now my second year leading

  • Marching Band Activity Essay

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    golf, band, and theatre. I was on the Girl’s Golf team for two years, and managed the Boy’s team for one. I love to play, and being in a small team was a lot of fun. Their wasn’t girls fighting over who would play varsity or not, but instead pushing each other get their lowest scores. My coach, Mr. Keeton, taught me that it doesn’t matter what I score, that if I had fun, then that is all that matters. My favorite activity was band. I was a member of the Pep Band, Jazz Band, Drumline, Marching Band

  • Marching Band Motivation Report

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    title “band nerd” doesn’t sound as impressive as being a star athlete, I wear my uniform with pride. Playing trombone in the marching band has earned the top spot on my list of favorite high school activities. Being a member of the Ardmore High School Marching Band has been both a positive and challenging experience. When I was selected to serve as band president for the 2015 marching band, I was both honored and excited for the upcoming season. Winds of change swept across our band as the

  • Informative Essay On Marching Band

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    Wednesday, September 28th, the marching blues go to the an annual hummer performances. The band gets to perform when it’s their turn but they also get to see other bands perform too. The performing are WRHS, Hayden, Highland Park, Topeka West, Shawnee Hights and Seaman. Each band cheered each other on while one band performed their show. This was just a chance to see one another perform before the competition began. The band had to arrive at school around 5:15 PM. The band decided to wear full uniform

  • Speech About Marching Band

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    imagine. If you’re a freshman that plans on doing marching band, you’ve come to the right place. You can always ask someone in band what to expect when it comes to marching, but if you 're shy and don’t want to ask, I understand. I am a freshman that did marching this season, so I know just what is to be expect by this point, and I’m here to help. Before you play any sport you have practice and learn the basics. This practice is what we call band camp. Band camp in a nutshell is waking up early to go to

  • Personal Narrative: The Marching Band

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    When I was a child my mother would take me to the Oktoberfest parade each year to watch the marching bands. I still remember standing on the sidewalk eagerly waiting for the sound of cadence from the drums; the bass drum like the pulse of a living creature and the sound still playing in my mind long after the parade had ended. Years flew by and suddenly I found myself standing in block band awaiting the three sharp chirps of the drum major 's stainless steel whistle a signal that would spark a chain

  • Hard Work In Marching Band

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    Work earns success in marching band. Continuous playing , short weekends, and exhausting practices gain your band praise and pride. The continuous playing in band class and then at practice after school seems to never stop. After the practices are done you get the songs so stuck in your head that they feel like the songs are implanted in your head. We mostly learn the song during band camp but we perfect them in band class throughout the school week. On the eighth day of band camp we played for

  • Tiger Marching Band Research Paper

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    have the right music very loud on the radio.” ("A Quote) When I sit back and think of all the ways band has changed my life for the better, I realize it was not just the music, but also those who are in the band. Wirt County Tiger Marching Band was literally my go to for the longest time, especially after my parents split up, the only people I wanted to talk to were those in band. I started band when I was in the fifth grade and I played a clarinet for about two weeks and realized that I had made

  • Homecoming: My Experience In The Marching Band

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    Homecoming has always been a very exciting day for me – especially since I joined the marching band. Our marching band has a long-standing tradition of performing at all of the elementary schools before marching in the parade. It is always a great experience interacting with the young children. We also get to miss an entire day of classes, which is never a bad thing. We all arrived in the band room around eight. After receiving instructions, we gathered our instruments and loaded the bus to head

  • Evolution Of Marching Band

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    Taking the field the Evolution “East Peoria Marching Raiders, you may take the field in competition.” During the four years of high school, I was able to get involved with the East Peoria High School Band program. The marching band has evolved since I joined in 2011 and it has been improving each year. My freshman year we used to march trombones, I was probably the worst one on the field when it came to the marching aspect. There was a lot of foundation work being planted as I learned the terms,

  • Leadership In Marching Band

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    In marching band, it takes a lot of dedication. If someone is going to be in marching band, they will have to put in the time and the effort. Marching bands everywhere practice for hours in the heat; always memorizing their spots on the field, their music, and their visual effects. Everything about band is stressful because it constantly cuts in on a band members social life, but after they perform they will feel great. In most marching bands, the motto is one band one sound, meaning that a band

  • Personal Narrative: My First Marching Band

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    “You only fail when you stop trying.” It is early in my seventh grade year. I play trumpet in and out of school. Marching band is one of my favorite types of musical performances. My friends and my sister have also been in band and enjoyed it for a couple years as well. In middle September we had our first marching band parade. When our first parade rolls around we feel like we have practiced as much as we could. While we were put in our parade spots, I was put in the back one person away from

  • Should Marching Band Be Considered A Sport Essay

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    Is marching band rigorous and athletic enough to be considered a sport? From the very start of marching band, it has been considered an activity, or a hobby, and not a sport. Most people assume it isn’t athletic because it’s just an activity or a type of hobby that you do, and they don’t consider it athletic because they think you don’t need to put that much effort into it. The people who assume there isn’t much effort put into it also believe that marching band is really easy. I have marched with

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Marching Band

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    past, I have been involved in several different activities, such as Marching Band. Not only that, I have also made commercials for a product that I invented for my high school economics project. With these experiences, they make oral and visual literacy the easiest types of literacy for me to do. During my time in Marching Band, I played the baritone and was the section leader of the entire low brass instruments in our band. That would make me the “go to guy”, if someone had a problem or needed