Persuasive Essay On Marching Band

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“Liberty-Eylau High School Band, you may take the field for performance.” It is a Friday night, and the stadium lights are glaring down on the fifty-yard line. As the band marches into opening set, fans are cheering and screaming the names of certain members. Every person watching enjoys the aspects we portray, but no one truly understands what work went into making the formations they see and playing the music they hear. Although being a member of the high school’s marching band has its challenges, the satisfaction of winning with a team, forming new relationships, and being a part of something bigger than oneself makes up for any mishaps in the end.
There are many perks to being a part of a marching band. Our ensemble gets to travel to many places in the East Texas region. While following the football team and going to contests, we reach towns, such as Pattonville, Texas, that some of us have never heard of before. Sometimes when we travel to these places, we meet
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Pride is the ultimate lesson that we learn throughout our tenure in the organization. We learn to keep our heads held high no matter the obstacle. Being a section leader, I always has to be aware of what benefits the entire group. This gives me the opportunity to have teaching experience, and the chance to understand how a team works. There are numerous occasions when younger members of the drum line become quite dysfunctional. It is the guidance of myself and other older members that helps them realize that coming together makes for many rewards in the end. Working together allows the band to display its full potential, When this happens, we become the band that breaks records. Becoming the first band in almost fifteen years to earn superior ratings the entire marching season is proof of our hard work and dedication. The feeling of satisfaction we have as a team trumps any negative feelings going throughout the
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