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  • USARFRICOM Case Study

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    there are indicators that Nigeria is developing the necessarily materials and technologies, we will conduct airstrikes targeted at destroying their capability to produce and employ these weapons. As part of our efforts to build the capacity of the Niger military, we will work with their border forces establish better control of the border and reduce the risk of uranium being smuggled into Nigeria. Termination criteria for this objective will be met when Nigeria is no longer pursuing the materials

  • Essay On Living In The Sahara Desert

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    In our world today, there are many people that have to live in harsh conditions. Some of these people live in the Sahara Desert. Though no human should be faced with living in such conditions such as these. There are some people, however, that manage to survive in these living conditions. But how? People living in the Sahara Desert adapt to living in these harsh conditions in many different ways. The environment of the Sahara Desert is very rough and harsh to live in. One reason why living conditions

  • Traditional African Igbo Culture In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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    Reflection of Traditional African Igbo Culture in Chinua Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart Sikandar Kadar Aga Abstract: The aim of this present research paper is to highlight the insights of the traditional African Igbo culture, as represented in Chinua Achebe’s novel Things Fall Apart. Achebe in the novel Things

  • Niger Poorest Country

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    Why is Niger one of the poorest countries in the world? Many African countries are still struggling to follow the path leading to development, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Niger, a former French colony, is the 4th exporter of Uranium in the world, an oil producer, with substantial deposits of phosphates, coal, iron, limestone, and gypsum. Niger is rich in mineral resources. Yet, it remains one of the poorest countries in the world while other countries, like Japan, have managed to find their

  • Climate Change In The Niger Delta

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    Middle-Exam Assignment Journal Review: The Correlation between Feminist Environmentalism and Climate Change in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Ronald Indrawan I.W 016201300132 IR DEFENSE 1 Introduction The year of 1990s have been popularly known as the era of the environment as it has marked an important summit that has gathered prominent countries of the world to address multiple issues such as global warming, biodiversity, acid rain, deforestation as well as desertification, pollution, preservation

  • Niger Delta Film Summary

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    gases and smog. In part two, the documentary concentrates on oil and cars. It explains how oil has led to corruption and large environmental impacts. Some of the environmental impacts include oil spills in large bodies of water and gas flares in the Niger Delta. The documentary ties in how urban sprawl impacts the use of vehicles and the amount

  • Symbolism And Realism In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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    The story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a short story of horror and realism. On June 27th on a late summer morning, the villagers of a small New England village gatherd together in the town square to conduct their annual lottery. There is a black box on a stool and in the box there is pieces of paper in the box. Each person from a family get one paper from the black box even the children get a piece of paper and every stayed quiet and nervouse. Then Bill Hutchinson looked at the paper and notice

  • Niger Delta And Chevron Oil Company: Case Study

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    EXAMS (NUMBER ONE) INTRODUCTION The two social systems that the paper will dwell on are the Niger Delta and the Chevron Oil Company. Here we discuss the various social systems to briefly bring out there history, believe system and values in terms of our paper. The research will also bring out the factors that led to the two social systems’ conflict; and proffer a possible solution to the conflict. NIGER DELTA Niger Delta is located in the south-south/south-East region of Nigeria and has more than 50 million

  • Modern Life Negative Effects

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    The urbanization and technology have negative influences on families. I believed that modern life has been putting a lot pressure on individual’s family. Nowadays, many parents are businessman and businesswoman who usually leave home early and come home late, whom will send their child to day care centre that result in lack of time to take care of their children. Besides that, parents who have a hectic lifestyle may lead to mental and physical degeneration which caused by the long-term depression

  • Hypocrisy In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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    A theme is considered as the central idea that the whole story revolves on although it is not expressed or written directly in the story most of the time. In the novel, “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad, the themes expressed are “colonization, racism, greed, imperialism, moral degradation along with hypocrisy.” There are many other themes but in this essay, few of the themes will be discussed on regarding the level of importance that is Colonization or imperialism which is coinciding with power

  • Greed Vs Grievance Theory

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    Abstract The purpose of this paper is to study the Niger Delta conflict and contribute to the ongoing debates on greed vs. grievance thesis as to the cause of the Niger Delta conflict. To begin with, the central focus of this study is to determine whether greed and grievance factors has a link to the conflict or are applicable to explaining the causes of the conflict. The study adopts resource conflict debate as the anchor of the research but greed vs. grievance theory stands for the analytical and

  • Essay On Human Rights Violations In Nigeria

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    region. Whenever there is an attempt of protest from the oppressed for oil company activities and environmental damage, Nigerian security forces have repeatedly beaten, detained and even killed people. The acts by oil companies continue to trouble the Niger Delta region to

  • Cause Of Imperialism In Nigeria

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    present day condition. Britain’s indirect rule of Nigeria intensified the conflicts and only promoted a lack of unity between the north and south; British colonizers cultivated great wealth in South Nigeria due to the Niger River and the control of palm oil trade by the Royal Niger Company, while in North Nigeria, the Sokoto Caliphate ruled over the region, often engaging in warfare with other kingdoms and conducting slave raids. Thus, when independence finally came to Nigeria, these vast disparities

  • Royal Dutch Shell Company Case Study

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    The Human Right Consequence of Royal Dutch Shell oil company in the Niger Delta Region: The portfolio is aiming to indicate how non-state actors like that of Multinational Business Organizations become responsible for violating human right in the region they are performing business activities. I took the specific case of human right violation inflicted by The Royal Dutch Shell Company in the Niger Delta region and its inhabitants. The portfolio discusses, specific problems the case entails in International

  • Pectinase Enzyme Report

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    and clarification of fruit juices, removal of pectin from pectic waste waters and tea leaves maceration and other biotechnological applications (Kashyap et al., 2000; Rajendran, 2011 ). These enzymes are commonly produced by Erwinia sp., Aspergillus niger, and by plants such as peaches, carrots, apples and citrus (Alonso et al., 2003). This group of enzymes consists of pectinesterase (PE (E.C, polygalacturonase (PG (E.C and pectin lyase (PL (E.C (Singh & Mandal, 2012)

  • Summary: The Early African Kingdoms

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    The backbone of the Songhai Empire was the Niger River. The Niger River benefited the Songhai Empire. The Niger River made transporting goods and products easier. The Niger River also was a way of transportation. Merchants and travelers traveled on the Niger River. The SOnghai Empire saw the opportunity and seized control of the Niger River, thus controlling trade and transportation. The Songhai Empire flourished during the reign of Sunni

  • Kira Kayak's Journey: The Cruelest Journey By Kira Salak

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    quest. The story “ The Cruelest Journey” is a book written by a 46 year old woman, Kira Salak, who goes off on a journey down the Niger River in a kayak. Alone, she hopes to reach the port of Timbuktu alive after 600 miles of paddling. Her story about her journey includes much conflict and detail about her feelings and events that go down as she travels down the Niger. The story “ The Odyssey” by Homer is about Odysseus, a king of Greek mythology, who sets off on a journey from Ithaca that lasts

  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Effects

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    care about the environment, this problem could affect your clean drinking water, which is why it needs to change, or stop. If these off-shore drilling operations can’t comply with the standards set by the WHO, they will have a lasting effect on the Niger-Delta’s environment. All this, for the sake of what? Extracting more oil? Making more money? Is extracting oil really worth it, considering the consequences we are unfairly throwing on our environment? These are questions we should ask ourselves, and

  • Discuss The Role Of Colonialism In Nigeria

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    Chapter One British Cultural Promotion in Nigeria Before 1954 Introduction The first contact between Britain and Nigeria began in the sixteenth century along the Nigerian coastlines. During this period, British slave trading companies were preoccupied with establishing their trading posts to control the profitable “Transatlantic Slave Trade” without trying to control the local tribes. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, however, and due to the abolition of the slave trade throughout

  • Similarities Between Mali And Songhai

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    century. The Songhai took over the Mali Empire after it fell. The empire also took over the trade too. Songhai controlled trade and politics from about 1464 to 1700. It launched forward by the Sorko people, masters of boating and fishing along the Niger River. The Sorko not only dominated the river regarding trade but also, regarding military power. Sonni Ali (Songhai’s first imperial king ) and his forces conquered Timbuktu in 1468 then making Songhai power in the region. "Songhai and to achieve