Resident Essays

  • Resident Assistant Observation

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    If you were to ask me a year ago what the purpose of a resident assistant is, I probably would have said “to be the parent of the dorm.” While in many ways this statement is true, I know now that an RA's role extends deeper than the statement portrays. My second year of living on campus has allowed me to observe a few of the overlooked duties of an RA such as updating residents on resources through bulletin boards and maintaining discipline by enforcing quiet hours. Summarizing just a few of my observations

  • Resident Assistant Job Application Essay

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    1. Please describe any personal characteristics which you possess that make you qualified to be a Resident Assistant. What skills do you possess and what experiences have you had that might enhance your candidacy for the Resident Assistant position? a. As an individual, I find myself to be very accountable. Finding excuses to explain mistakes, in either personal or group work, reduces confidence in one’s abilities. Mistakes should be avoided, but if, and when they inevitably occur, I embrace them

  • Establish Meaningful Relationships With Residents Essay

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    1. Resident Advisers are expected to establish meaningful relationships with residents and cultivate relationships between residents. A. Describe why you believe these expectations exist. B. Identify three (3) actions you would take to establish meaningful relationships with residents, and describe your desired impact for each action. C. Identify three (3) actions you would take to foster relationships between residents and describe your desired impact for each action. I believe the expectations

  • Reflective Essay: My Work As A Resident Advisor

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    From my work as a Resident Advisor this year, I have improved my time management and organizational skills. Taking fifteen credit hours, serving as a work-study student, coordinating internships through APPLES Service-Learning, and working as a Resident Advisor are a few of the things that I had on my plate throughout this semester. Keeping up with these responsibilities seems like a somewhat daunting task – what’s the perfect balance between these commitments? Throughout this last year, I found

  • Resident Evil VII Vs. The Last Of Us

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    Resident Evil VII (RE7) and The Last of Us vary massively when it comes to their interpretation of the survival horror genre. Both games begin with a similar premise: taking place 20+ years after a viral/fungal outbreak which turns the infected into violent mutants. However, the games diverge in the way they adopt particular conventions of the survival horror genre. While RE7 aims to return to the franchise’s bone chilling and nerve inducing roots, The Last of Us aims to combine horror with elements

  • Camping For Their Lives Summary

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    In society its expected that people grow up, get a job, get married, and move into a big, nice house. For many people that dream is just that; a dream. According to Scott Bransford, author of Camping for Their Lives, most of the residents who live in a “tent city” called Taco Flat in Fresno, California the concept of home is changing, and has become nothing but a daydream, but this isn’t where they had pictured their lives ending up. Weather they are here because of bad life choices, or failed career

  • Descriptive Essay: Heritage Hall Nursing Home

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    at Heritage Hall Nursing and I care for every resident as if they were my own family. Walking through the doors I walk down the long halls right before shift change. Rounding the corner I look down the hallway at the same room thinking back to my clinical experience. Now empty, I still walk by and think of that woman. Passing by that room I smile as I see my residents. “I’m so glad you’re working today. You take such good care of me!” One resident says as I pass the nurse’s station. “Thank you

  • The Duvitch Chapter Summary

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    and was too timid to bark or even growl. Because of all this, the residents of Syringa Street refused to accept and welcome the new family. Readers eventually sympathize for the Duvitches and can only hope that the family will be

  • Prevent Falls In Facilities Essay

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    Prevent falls at facilities • Identify residents at high risk for falling, including those having poor vision, gait disturbances, weakness, cardiovascular disease, incontinence, and a history of falls. • Include specific measures in the care plan of high-risk residents to prevent falls. • Increase the sensitivity of the entire staff to the potential for accidents within and around the facility through ongoing education programs. Each employee must play a part in noticing, reporting, and reducing

  • The Civil Rights Movement: A Personal Analysis

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    Volunteering has helped stimulate my own mind and showed me there is so much more to life with so many missed opportunities. The impacts I have observed first hand was very life changing. This experience has given me hands-on training while assisting residents with fun activities such as sing-alongs, board games, crazy ball, and other daily functions. Devoting my time to assist in these three activities has not only changed my life for the better but it has also made an impact on the people around

  • Reflection: Clinical Assessment

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    insulin administration, gaining resident trust through demonstrating my desire to assist, and distinguishing how perfusion implements into resident care. Vast arrays of residents on station four require blood glucose checks and insulin administration prior to meals, and I would like to use this week as an opportunity to enhance my confidence in this skill. Through insulin safety and patient encounters, I desire to gain trust with the residents, as many of the residents have refused care from nursing

  • Understanding Medication Safety

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    will lead to safe outcomes for the residents. However, errors do occur from a lack of experience, rushing, distractions, fatigue, doing too many things at once, not double checking, poor communication, and lack of team work. It is not only the staff that commit errors, but also the work environment that contributes to the medication error. Two examples are poor reporting systems

  • The Hunger Games Book Report

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    Mengs Gebremedhin karriersenteret Opus Hadeland The Hunger Games The Hunger Games is one of the three book series written by Suzan Collins. Its first publication was made in 2008. It was followed by Catching Fire (2009), and Mockingjay (2010). The first part of the book, The Hunger Games (2011 edition), has about 458 pages which took me almost two weeks to finish it. The book is a scientific fiction and adventure in its writing style. Suzan Collins has clearly conveyed the message

  • Marvin Foster Reaction Paper

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    “You can’t have one without the other because they work in unison. If the employees are happy, then they’re going to deliver good service to our residents.” His role at Lenoir didn’t stop with being assistant administrator. After gaining his own license and working as an assistant for more than 13 months, Foster was promoted to head administrator in 2017. The promotion hasn’t caused Foster to drift

  • Salvation Military Diary

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    On October 24, 2015 I came to work knowing that I wasn’t still feeling very well. Michelle Sweeney came in to work with me since Ro had a vacation time that need to be used. I mentioned to Michelle that she will have to be the one to transport residents due to me having (blurring vision). I think she was a little upset. She mentioned why she would have to stay with the resident’s. I told her that this was mention at staffing that staff would have to stay. When they returned I did ask, how did it

  • Extendicare Reflection

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    welcomed into most of them. Attending the RAI meetings every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday has help my knowledge of the psychosocial needs of the resident on each unit. I have also done quarterly assessments and documentation for these meetings. Another meeting that I attend every Monday is the “High Risk” meeting, this meeting is to discuss the residents who are at high risk either by: falls, nutrition, wounds, equipment, pain, behaviors, wounds, isolation, medical, sleep, palliative or medication

  • Person Centred Care Assignment

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    title I choose for my change project. I have worked in the area of care of the elderly for the past 20 years having transitioned from Sick Children’s Nursing. I have been fortunate to work in small units where there was good local knowledge of the residents. However in recent times I have become shocked at the type of care given in these units. It appears prescriptive, medically based and care is based on the average needs with no recognition of the individual needs. The idea of person-centred care

  • Personal Narrative: Brookdale Senior Living

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    before noon. Forcing myself to make my summer productive, I opened those big double doors into, what seemed like at the time, a home for some less-than-spunky grandparents. Although overwhelming at first, it took just one round of cards with the residents to get me hooked for the rest of the summer. Fast forward through several batches of cookies, a few painted birdhouses, and some advanced crossword puzzles, I felt like a part of the community. I began humming to Frank Sinatra on the jukebox and

  • Unocumented Citizens

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    government will do to an undocumented resident, without a fixed immigration law? Out of all the 42 million immigrants in the U.S, 27% are undocumented. That’s about 11 million people. From these 11 million people, 8 million are in the work force. They came out of hiding and are trying to provide for their family the way a legal resident does. These undocumented resident should get a path to citizenship. If they do get a path to citizenship then these undocumented resident can help improve our economy

  • PICT Analysis Nursing

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    that contribute to a resident falling. There are barriers that are created because of the lack of education of staff, the reduced empowerment of residents, and the failure to have a sustainable fall management program in place. It is very imperative that the nurse providing care develop a holistic understanding of each resident that he/she is providing care for. This concept of understanding will allow the proper interventions to be established, and will allow the residents to have participation