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  • Resident Assistant Assignment

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    Applying to be a resident assistant is one of the best and most rewarding decisions that I made in college. Without my experiences in Residence Life, my college experience would not have been as rich as fulfilling. I was a freshmen women’s RA for my first two years as an RA and I always look back fondly over that time. Although there was definitely a lot of struggles and conflicts that occurred in my freshmen modules, that’s really where my heart is. Over my past three years as an RA, I have

  • Resident Assistant Recommendation

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    I am writing this recommendation letter at the request of Samantha Mercado who is applying for the Resident Assistant position. I was lucky enough to have Samantha as a resident and suitemate this year in Stuyvesant Hall. Over the past semester, I am proud to say that I have seen Samantha grow as a student and find her place at Hofstra University. Samantha is one of the most focused and driven individuals I have ever met. Her commitment to academics is second to none and as a Dance and Biology double

  • Resident Assistant Essay Examples

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    Resident Assistants serve many purposes and play many roles in the community. They help to build and promote a supportive and active community within their residence hall and across the campus, and offer support and guidance to their residents. This aids in making Geneseo feel more like home and a community rather than simply a school. RAs enforce Geneseo and Department of Student Life rules, while also being a more easily accessible and less intimidating resource to other students in need of help

  • Leopard's Oath Analysis

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    named Edward Durfee, or Ted, as his friends call him. Ted is a resident assistant here at Wentworth for the freshman class living in Evans Way / Tudbury Hall. I believe that any resident assistant who facilitates the freshman class should be applauded. Resident assistants in your freshman year are a key stepping stone in becoming a knowledgeable and worldly student at Wentworth Institute of Technology. By sojourning as a resident assistant for multiple semesters, Ted reflects the key tenants of the

  • Resident Assistant Case Study

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    and communicative skills. One of the most important aspects of being a Resident Assistant, to me, is being able to talk to a wide variety of people. You do not have the option to choose your residents and it is important to be able to communicate with any type of residents rather than just the ones that are similar to you. Emma is more than equipped to handle that challenge due to her experience as a dance teaching assistant, her experience with exchange programs, and her work as a Music Department

  • Resident Assistant: Case Study

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    of recommendation for Alexus Durr! I am a second year psychology major with a minor in African American studies and I also have the honor of serving as a Resident Assistant in Brumby Hall at the University of Georgia. I am both honored and elated to have the opportunity to provide Alexus with a letter of recommendation for a Resident Assistant Alexus and I, share the membership relations position in a minority recruitment organization called Georgia Daze. Immediately upon finding out Alexus

  • Resident Assistant Recommendation Letter

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    Re: Letter of Recommendation for Joshua Whiting To The RA Selection Committee: I write on behalf of Joshua Whiting’s application for a Resident Assistant position. I believe Josh to be an exemplary student-scholar as well as a person of tremendous character with significant leadership skills. I met Josh in my first semester of college in our biology class. We were both Biochemistry majors so we got to skip Biology 1 and therefore were both new to this new world of college but already in a

  • Resident Assistant Reflective Essay

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    this course provides, I am very excited to have the opportunity to learn more about the qualities of a Residence Assistance. After I have finished this course, the four things I hope to have learned are, a wide knowledge about how to excel as a Resident Assistant, tips on how to manage work, social, and student life as an RA, ideas of how to present material to diverse cultural backgrounds, and helpful ways to build upon leadership qualities. My Idea of the Primary Role of an RA I live in Woody/Shales

  • Resident Assistant Application Essay

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    Please accept my resume to showcase my interest in the position of Resident Assistant. I believe that I am an excellent candidate due to my leadership ability, my academic achievement, and my overall attitude. I am a firm believer in academia being the top priority while in college and I have proven this attitude through my performance over the past semester. As a Political Science and International Business double major at Monmouth College, who is on the Pre-Law track, I aspire to work in politics

  • Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Resident Assistant

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    From the Resident Assistant position I hope to learn management skills, a proper balance of order and fun, and better leadership skills. First of all, I feel management skills will have to be learned while being a Resident Assistant because of the amount of duties I would be responsible for. Not only must I watch over an entire floor of girls, but I also need to attend meetings, keep paperwork, and report and listen to those ranked above me. In a lifetime, it is important to have management skills

  • Resident Assistant Application Essay Examples

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    I am currently a Resident Assistant (RA) in Noehren Hall at the University of Northern Iowa. I came to UNI with limited knowledge about the field of Student Affairs or the impact it has on college campuses. When I became an RA my sophomore year, I instantly fell in love with how I was able to use my passion to connect and build strong relationships with those around me. I currently am in my second year of being a resident assistant here at UNI in a traditional dormitory. I have also gotten involved

  • Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Resident Assistant

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    Lauren Brooksby is Resident Assistant for 2nd floor New Heritage building 29. Not only is she a beautiful person inside out but she is also a great RA- someone that us residents greatly respect and love. Last month Lauren with other RAs and hall advisors organized a spa night for the whole building. Understanding that the residents have to deal with so much stress from midterms, she organized the program so that girls can have a fun night with friends and take care of themselves. It took Laurent

  • Why I Want To Be A Resident Assistant Essay

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    experience and/or employment history that has prepared you to become a Resident Assistant. Essay responses should be in paragraph form and you should fully articulate your leadership experience and how it has prepared you for the RA role. Having many leadership experiences and serving on multiple committees where working with students and administration is necessary, I believe that I am well prepared to become a Resident Assistant. These committees include my high school’s Discipline Committee, where

  • Reflective Essay: My Experience As A Resident Assistant

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    I am applying to be considered for the graduate assistantship. I am currently working as a Resident Assistant (RA) for Grand Valley State University housing; I started working as an RA since August 2014. I have to be responsible and on call for more than 1000 students from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Counselling Centre, the police department, and housing department in GVSU trained me to deal with crisis such as sexual assaults, suicide ideation and attempts, drinking, social

  • Personal Narrative: My Role As A Resident Assistant

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    on as many leadership positions as I can on campus. I am the treasurer of three organizations, a peer mentor, and a Resident Assistant. These positions will allow me to work on administrative duties, and challenge the time management skills I have obtained. This year I plan on being an Interpersonal Counsellor for the EOF/MAP summer program. I also plan on being a Resident Assistant next academic school year if I receive upper-classmen housing. Furthermore, I hope to acquire an opportunity to intern

  • Personal Experience: My Trouble With Resident Assistant

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    While in our room, my roommate and I expect everyone to act like adults and have fun, we don’t want to get in any trouble with our Resident Assistant. I expect everyone to be serious and professional when we have study sessions or just trying to do homework. There isn 't a specific behavior to have when we are just hanging out, but the majority of the time everyone is always having fun and laughing. During the weekend the behavior changes and a lot of the people party hard and have so much fun during

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Resident Assistants

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    Resident Assistants are like Jailers, and the Dorm seems like a prison. At least that was the case prior to the establishment of the Dorm Council. I’ve never lived in a Dorm before,which was my first experience that I had to share my space with roommates, strictly follow a pre-determined schedule, and be answerable to somebody outside of my family. After living one year in Dorm, I believed that some Dorm rules need to be changed. Dorm Council was founded in order to meet boarding students’ needs

  • Marvin Foster Reaction Paper

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    “You can’t have one without the other because they work in unison. If the employees are happy, then they’re going to deliver good service to our residents.” His role at Lenoir didn’t stop with being assistant administrator. After gaining his own license and working as an assistant for more than 13 months, Foster was promoted to head administrator in 2017. The promotion hasn’t caused Foster to drift away from his own personal goals. “I just want to be great,”

  • Prevent Falls In Facilities Essay

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    Prevent falls at facilities • Identify residents at high risk for falling, including those having poor vision, gait disturbances, weakness, cardiovascular disease, incontinence, and a history of falls. • Include specific measures in the care plan of high-risk residents to prevent falls. • Increase the sensitivity of the entire staff to the potential for accidents within and around the facility through ongoing education programs. Each employee must play a part in noticing, reporting, and reducing

  • Person Centred Care Assignment

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    title I choose for my change project. I have worked in the area of care of the elderly for the past 20 years having transitioned from Sick Children’s Nursing. I have been fortunate to work in small units where there was good local knowledge of the residents. However in recent times I have become shocked at the type of care given in these units. It appears prescriptive, medically based and care is based on the average needs with no recognition of the individual needs. The idea of person-centred care