• What Are The Implications For You As An Early Years Professional?

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• What are the implications for you as a person, and as an early years professional?

Inclusive education is important, it need to be happening in everywhere to promote equality. Educator are the cultural worker, therefore, educators have the duty to advocate inclusive practices for the best interest of everyone, for such practices to become part of our culture. This also means, educator has the responsibility to promote inclusive practices to the children and the families to achieve equality in the community.

Inclusive education only works if the educator really cares and appreciate each individual child and family for who they are; who acknowledged each child and family’s contribution; who are willing to learn and research about each child and their family to meet their needs in school, who have the positive attitude and will always believe their students could achieve and who continuously seek for solutions (Cologon, 2014; Garrity, 2016).

• What is one thing you have learnt from the lecture and readings to put into practice yourself?

Inclusion is to value each individual person, for people to have sense of belonging, which everyone have the same opportunities to participant, and their contributions is recognised (Cologon, 2014). …show more content…

This includes to welcome every families, and to value each of them equally, for children and families to have the sense of belonging to the community (Cologon, 2014; Garrity, 2016). To build a positive relationship with family, educator need to always be proactive to learn about the families, to understand the abilities and the needs of the child, and adjust the environment and program that allow every children and/or family have the same opportunities to participants (Cologon, 2014; Garrity,

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