My Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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First my perspective of Tricia is that she chose a career in teaching. This is not just a job for her. This is something that she is going to do for a life time, so she wants to make the best out of her education. Then there is Roxie she chose this job because she enjoys doing it and Tricia has inspired her just enough to really start thinking about why she is doing the job she is doing and how infants grow an learn. Lastly there is Lil. She is what I refer to a person that watches children. There is a difference in people that watch children and teacher children. She does a good job at watching and taking care of, but it’s just a job to her. She was hired to watch children and that’s all she is going to do. I believe this because of the statement that she made when she warned Tricia and Roxie that caring for babies is what they were hired for. …show more content…

I chose this path of early childhood education as a career. This is not just a job to me. I get in very deep with the families that I serve and want to see them succeed. If I was a teacher I would get on board with Tricia idea. Maybe by incorporating parents into the center we could teach them technique that they could use at home. This could also help eliminate the guilty filling that they have dropping off their children. The teachers, parents, and the community should work together to encourage development, and learning of all students. When teachers actively include parents and involve community resources they are able to respond more effectively to the needs of families. When families and community become involved this helps foster partnerships among the teacher, community groups, and the children. These organizations result in sharing and maximizing resources and they help children grow and

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