1.1 Explain The Importance Of Caring For Children In The Environment

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In an Early Years Setting it’s the practitioner's role to maintain health, safety and care for the children in the environment. All settings should provide fruit and milk to benefit their health in their early start to life; this will benefit the child eating the right nutrients to help them progress in their development. Not only this but it’s essential to have healthy, enjoyable menus throughout the day and to safeguard them against obesity, diabetes and so forth. Through my placement, it seemed important that the parents were aware what they should put in their child’s lunch box and how beneficial it was to a child’s mood, cravings and abilities throughout the day. If we didn’t choose menus appropriately, it would create significant issues …show more content…

All children must have their personal needs met by Practitioners. The care towards a child’s learning is crucial for their academic mindset; children must be challenged with work to improve their intelligence in the future. However, they must be helped if there is a gap in their learning development. It’s important to identify the care a child needs; this may be speech therapy or extra maths sessions. For Practitioners there are guidelines to suggest to them what levels the children are working at this is called the ‘Early Years Outcomes Guidance’ this will go on their reports and later help the teachers/practitioners/parents challenge their child to their full potential. This all comes down to care as it is a practitioner role to care for a child’s individual needs (whatever that may be) and their future leading to the next year or so. Last but not least, as well as caring for a child’s health, it is important to maintain their safety within the environment and potentially (by law) out of the

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