1.1 Explain The Importance Of Patience When Working With Children

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I have gained patience when working with children and I believe it is a skill that is required in order for children to exceed their needs and to help a child during transitions to reach their full potential. Timing is key and with support the children will be able to emotionally adapt to attending school but also embrace new surroundings. Encouragement while children are taking part in activities in school allows children to gain self-esteem and confidence as they are being motivated which can give them a sense of achievement. Being a role model to the children is a personal skill as it gives me pride knowing the children are inspired by me and that they can learn from me by using their own initiative, being helpful to others and allowing the children to give suggestions on what they would like to do can keep them …show more content…

I can also compare my strengths and weaknesses to make a personal development plan to provide myself with motivation but this can also allow me to deliver a high quality service to the children and their parents during transitions, such as; delivering empathy, coping mechanisms and education. Consistency is key and I will be consistent with my behaviours and delivery to help the children progress and reach their full potential therefore I will continue carrying out observations to keep parents informed of their child’s progress when beginning school and throughout the year.
I believe I have learned from my chosen theme on transitions. Beginning my essay I was nervous writing about transitions and this scared me from investigating different transitions that occur for children and how to support them. When I began to think of my own practice and investigate websites it give me a foundation to complete the essay but to also apply changes to my own

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