1.2 Explain Critical Elements Of Customer Service

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1 - What is customer service?

Customer service is how you treat your customer. How well you treat your customer is how likely they are to visit your store or use your service again. Great service can also encourage customers to refer your service to friends and family.

2 - Explain critical elements of customer service.

A customer service focus is one of the first, and one of the more important, critical elements of customer service. It means meeting the customer’s expectations, beating them isn’t mandatory but is a bonus. For example, greeting customers on entry or answering a phone call or email with haste is a good way of making a customer feel wanted or important, which can play a big part in their expectations.

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A non-uniform customer experience only delivered by a few employees will hamper the customer’s experience. Usually this uniformity is encouraged by the company’s customer service policies standards.

Being a problem solver is also an effective way of delivering good customer service, this can also give you a good rapport with the customer.

3. Outline some ways of meeting customers expectations.

One method is to greet customers on entry, this makes them feel welcome. If the organisation or service offered is online, replying promptly to emails and phone calls is a good alternative. Being polite, positive and attentive in body language, demeanour and attitude are good ways to deliver good customer service in general.

4. What are the important steps of creating a personal vision? The first step of creating a personal vision is to identify your values. Choose certain ones that apply to you most as a person, these are ones that you hold to value in and out of work.

Once you have identified these, you need to define them. What would they look or feel like? Finally, combine these values into one

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