1.2 Explain The Importance Of Multi Agency Working

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There are many different principles and values that should be supported and understood by the setting when dealing with a child with such specific needs. When dealing with such a transition it is vital the setting co-inside with the main principles and values involving such things as that the practice is a child centred one and that the child’s wellbeing is always paramount. The setting must always support and uphold the rights of the child and as the child is disabled they must also ensure the Disability Discrimination Act is also followed within the setting with regards to the child who is wheelchair bound, the child will also have to be involved in the setting by their key worker and the other professionals present in order for the child to feel part of the class. They can achieve this by ensuring the child takes part in such sessions as physical education with their …show more content…

Multi-agency working is vital in such a transition as the staff in the school must work with other professionals such as the schools SENCO worker which is a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator. These SENCO workers can also be used to understand different strategies to be able to integrate children with special needs into the class and to be able to assist the other professionals to know how to include them in class activities such as playing with the Lego on a table rather than on the floor and allowing these specific children to create relationships with their peers as they are being included in activities alongside

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