10 Places To Visit Delhi Essay

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10 Places to visit in Delhi ‘Delhi’ is considered to be the city of love and life.Having culture from across India,it totally deserves and defines to be the capital of nation. It is a combination of rich historical culture and contemporary art.From monuments,cheap and expensive markets,malls Delhi has it all.It is a place where everyone from India must visit atleast once.It has life and energy of youth,children and olds.A person in Delhi never fails to enjoy their life to the fullest and never regrets to stay in such a city. It would be actually less to tell just 10 places to visit in Delhi since it has more,but if you want to be to best 10 then here they’re- 1.India Gate It would be considered worthless if you travel Delhi,without going…show more content…
This Gurudwara covering large area (and that is why it is called Gurudwara)is a must-visit place for all Delhi-tourists.The feeling of harmony,peace and love can easily be felt in everyone’s heart at this place. 9.Dilli Haat So you have seen all the shopping markets,malls,brand stores and monuments but are still starving for handicrafts and art?Well then you surely wouldn’t have visited Dilli Haat.It surely doesn’t just show culture of Delhi but of whole country.Beautifully adorned handmade stuff having accessories,clothes and decorative items can be easily seen and bought.They have amazing food stalls too from all across India where you can have the taste of each state. Dilli Haat organizes events every now and then and you can visit those events to witness dance,music and love from different lands. It is widely spread in INA,Janakpuri and Pitampura. 10.Hauz Khas
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