Why You Want To Be In Your Life Essay

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Everyone says they want to live a great life, have healthy relationships and look and feel their best, but how many are willing to put in the work day-after-day? If you look around your life and listen to all of the whining you'll soon find that most people are situated comfortably in their discomfort. If you are trying to break free but not sure why life isn't moving forward, you may need to do a bit of an assessment.

Read on for 10 reasons you're not happy with your life (and what to do about it).

1 | You complain about the same thing over and over (and over).

Here's a rule: If you have complained about something three times, you need to accept it or change it yourself. Whether it's your frustration with your weight, relationship or the way your colleague treats you, complaining should be taken as more than simply a momentary release of frustration; it's a warning sign than you're rejecting something in your life. Non-acceptance takes up a lot of energy and creates an internal and external toxic environment. If you have shared your unhappiness with someone and they have not worked with you to make things better, it means you need to make decisions that will help you get back to a place of peace. They may not be easy initially, but most of the time, we are not at the mercy of situations or other people unless we choose to be.
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To have a full, complete and authentic life, you are going to need to take risks. The risk to speak up and out, to move on, to open your heart, to pack up and move to another country...and the list goes on. The good news is that most of what we worry about happening never does and confidence are built by making small efforts each and every day. One small act of courage can have a massive domino effect. Give it a
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